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WindKing 16 Inch Wall Mounted Fan

WindKing 16 Inch Wall Mounted Fan

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WindKing 16 Inch Wall Mounted Fan

The WindKing 16 Inch Wall Mounted Fan is a powerful and efficient fan designed to provide effective air circulation in your grow space.


  • High Quality Build
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Wall Mountable
  • Premium Construction 
  • Quiet Operation
  • Multi Speed
  • Humidity & Moisture Resistant 
  • No Tools Required
  • Easy To Install
  • Cost Effective
  • Superb Value For Money


Designed For Grow Rooms

The fan has a 16-inch diameter, making it suitable for medium to large grow spaces. It is designed to be mounted on a wall, allowing you to maximize floor space in your grow room.


Oscillation Function

The WindKing fan is equipped with an oscillation feature that allows it to smoothly rotate from side to side. This helps to distribute airflow evenly throughout the room, preventing hotspots and ensuring consistent air circulation.


Cooling Effect

By clearing hot, stale, and damp air, the WindKing fan helps to maintain a cool and comfortable environment for your plants. Adequate airflow is essential for temperature regulation and preventing the buildup of excessive heat and humidity, which can negatively impact plant health.


Efficient Performance

This fan is designed to deliver powerful airflow while operating quietly and efficiently. It is built with high-quality components to ensure reliable performance and long-lasting durability.


Adjustable Settings

The WindKing fan typically comes with adjustable speed settings, allowing you to customize the airflow according to your specific needs. This feature provides flexibility in controlling the air movement in your grow space.

The WindKing 16 Inch Wall Mounted Fan is a reliable option for maintaining optimal air circulation and temperature control in your grow room. Its oscillation function, efficient performance, and adjustable settings make it a valuable tool for promoting healthy plant growth.

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