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Vortex Aluminium Ducting - 5 Meter

Vortex Aluminium Ducting - 5 Meter

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Vortex Aluminium Ducting - 5 Meter

Vortex Aluminium Ducting is a superb value, durable and versatile option for air ventilation in grow rooms.


  • High Quality Acoustic Ducting
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Perfect For Fans & Filters
  • Premium Construction 
  • Reinforced Design
  • Humidity & Moisture Resistant 
  • No Tools Required
  • Easy To Install
  • Cost Effective
  • 5 Meter Pack
  • Superb Value For Money


Super Versatile

Vortex Aluminium Ducting comes in different lengths and diameters to accommodate various grow room setups. This allows growers to choose the right size that fits their specific needs and requirements.


Polyester Laminated

The ducting is constructed with a polyester laminate, which provides strength and durability. This ensures that the ducting can withstand the rigors of continuous air movement without tearing or breaking.


High Tensile Steel Wire Helix

The ducting is reinforced with a high tensile steel wire helix, which adds structural integrity and helps the ducting maintain its shape. This prevents it from collapsing or sagging under the pressure of the airflow.


Holds Its Shape

Thanks to the combination of polyester lamination and the steel wire helix, Vortex Aluminium Ducting holds its shape well. This allows for efficient and consistent airflow throughout the ducting system, ensuring optimal ventilation in the grow room.

Vortex Aluminium Ducting is a reliable choice for growers in need of a durable and flexible ventilation solution. Its polyester laminated construction and high tensile steel wire helix provide strength and shape retention, while the available length and diameter options offer versatility for different grow room setups.

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