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Vortex Acoustic Box Fans

Vortex Acoustic Box Fans

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Vortex Acoustic Box Fans

A must-have for professional growing and minimal noise grow rooms. The Vortex Acoustic Box Fan is the only Box Fan that users will need. 


  • Ultra Reliable Box Fan
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Anti-Vibration System For The Fan To Box Attachment
  • High-Quality Vortex motor
  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Perfect For Stealth LED Grow Rooms
  • Complete With Robust Hanging Hooks
  • Well-Priced
  • Ultra Long Life
  • Moves & refreshes massive quantities of air
  • Removes stale and depleted air from the grow area
  • 8m hard-wired cable
  • Works well with all Vortex ducting & filters appropriate to each size Box Fan.


Remove Odours & Provide Premium Ventilation

Vortex Acoustic Box Fans are designed to remove odors, provide premium ventilation, and create an optimum growing environment for plants. Here are some key features and benefits of these high-quality fans:


Carbon Dioxide Regulation

Plants require an abundance of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. However, as the levels in the atmosphere become depleted, fresh air needs to be regularly circulated in the grow room. Box Fans facilitate air movement and replenishment, which is essential for plant health and growth.


Whisper Quiet Operation

Vortex Acoustic Box Fans are specifically engineered to be naturally quiet while maintaining excellent extraction performance. These fans stand out in the hydroponic industry, offering high-quality and whisper quiet operation. The powerful Vortex motors, combined with green MDF wooden panels and thick insulating materials, minimize noise levels and ensure maximum performance. This is particularly crucial for stealth hydroponic and indoor grow rooms where quiet operation is paramount.


Premium Quality Construction

Vortex Acoustic Box Fans are constructed from premium materials and built to exemplary standards. The thick, precision-cut, moisture-resistant green MDF panels provide stealth operation, durability, and longevity. These high-quality materials result in superior airflow compared to other box fans in the industry.


Pre-Boxed and Plug & Play

Each Vortex Acoustic Box Fan comes pre-boxed and ready to use. They are shipped in heavy-duty cardboard boxes with carry handles for easy transport and protection during transit. The internal box packaging includes a heavy-duty foam base plate, which can serve as additional support and acoustic insulation if the fan is not hung up during operation.


8-Meter Hard-Wired Cable

Unlike many other box fans that come with shorter cables, Vortex Acoustic Box Fans are equipped with an 8-meter hard-wired cable as standard. This extended cable length offers users more flexibility and range within their growing area. The fixed connection of the hard-wired cable eliminates the risk of snagging, tripping, or water corrosion, which is especially important in high humidity environments.

Overall, Vortex Acoustic Box Fans are designed to provide efficient, quiet, and reliable ventilation for grow rooms. Their premium construction, superior airflow, and thoughtful features make them an excellent choice for growers seeking optimal performance and convenience.

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