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The Trim Bin

The Trim Bin

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The Trim Bin

Made in California, the Trim Bin is designed by people who know.....


  • Stay organised and efficient with the Trim Bin
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Engineered design for optimum ergonomics & comfort
  • 1 top bin with 150-micron interchangeable stainless steel screen
  • 1 bottom bin with mirror finish collection tray
  • Move away from the table for ultimate relaxation
  • High moulded walls keep your work contained
  • 1 static brush by Harvest More to sweep up pollen
  • Turn any chair or couch into a comfortable workstation
  • Trim Bin is made in California
  • Reduce stress injuries and increase productivity
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


A Genius Solution For All Growers

The Trim Bin is a genius solution for all growers, taking the pain and discomfort out of trimming. No more scissor pain or sore wrists - this trimming tray is a game changer.

Harvesting becomes fun again with the Trim Bin. 

Manufactured in California by passionate individuals who understand the art of growing, the Trim Bin is designed with care and expertise.


Ergonomic Design

Cleaning the Trim Bin is a breeze, and its ergonomic design makes it easy to carry. Transform any couch or table into a comfortable work station with this versatile trimming tray.

The inclusion of a 150-micron pollen screen is a valuable feature. It allows you to collect pollen efficiently, making the Trim Bin a worthy investment for craft and connoisseur growers.


USA's Number 1 Trimming Tool

As the USA's Number 1 Trimming Tray, the Trim Bin has gained a reputation for its quality and functionality. Now, it is available in the UK for growers to experience its benefits firsthand.

Order your Trim Bin today and enjoy next-day delivery. Take your trimming experience to the next level with this exceptional trimming tray. Once you try the Trim Bin, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. An exceptional tool for all hydroponic and indoor gardeners. 

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