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Superthrive Vitamin Solution is a trusted and versatile plant supplement that has been used by generations of growers. It nourishes, strengthens, and increases yield, making it suitable for a wide range of plants, from herbs and vegetables to sports turf and Christmas trees. Whether you want to enhance normal growth or mitigate the effects of stress during transplants, Superthrive provides essential vitamins to support healthy plant development from the inside out.


  • World Renowned Nutrition
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • For Soil, Hydroponics and Coco
  • Single Bottle Solution
  • Enhanced Stress Resistance
  • Cali Growers Secret Weapon
  • Better Flavour & Aroma
  • From The Experts At Atami
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


The Growers Secret Weapon

One of the standout features of Superthrive is its cost-effectiveness. Only a small amount, ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water, is needed for most applications, making it highly economical to use.

Superthrive is gentle yet powerful, stimulating root growth while being safe to use in any watering routine. It can be combined with your usual fertilisers (except during transplanting) for maximum results. For best results, allow at least 24 hours before watering again after applying Superthrive.


For Soil, Hydroponics & Coco

The formulation of Superthrive contains a concentrated mixture of vitamins and hormones that act as a supplement to normal plant feeds. It promotes faster growth, acts as a tonic for stressed plants, encourages stronger plant structures, and helps reduce transplant shock. Superthrive is internationally acclaimed by farmers, gardeners, and foresters worldwide.

Using Superthrive is easy. Simply mix ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water and stir thoroughly. It is highly soluble and can be incorporated into various growing systems, from hydroponics to traditional soil cultivation.

Superthrive is suitable for use in any environment and with any plant that requires watering. It can be used as part of a hydroponics setup, during hydroseeding, added to a hose end sprayer container, or incorporated into a drip irrigation system.


Maximise Growth

You can use Superthrive during regular plant cycles to maximize growth or before transplanting to help plants adjust to new locations and minimize transplant shock.

Superthrive stands out as a choice because of its rich history and proven effectiveness. Created by Dr. John Thomson, who dedicated his life to its development, Superthrive has received recognition, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Lawn and Garden Marketing Distribution Association. It is adaptable for gardeners of any level, offering natural and non-toxic plant nutrition in both soil and hydroponic settings.

Superthrive Vitamin Solution is a trusted and versatile plant supplement that enhances growth, increases yield, and revives stressed plants. With its easy-to-use formula, cost-effectiveness, and wide range of applications, it has become known as "the essential vitamin solution" for gardeners.

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