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Shogun Sumo Active Boost

Shogun Sumo Active Boost

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Shogun Sumo Active Boost

SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost is a specially formulated biostimulant designed for use in active hydroponic systems.


  • Increased Flavonoids & Yields
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Vastly Improved Flavour Production
  • Boosts Overall Plant Health
  • Massive Oil Production
  • Incredible Value For Money
  • For Hydroponic, NFT Or Soil Use


Stable in Hydroponic Tanks

Sumo Active Boost is specifically developed to remain stable in hydroponic systems for up to 14 days. Unlike the original Sumo Boost, which was designed for hand watering, this version is formulated to work effectively in recirculating systems such as NFTs and bubbler systems.


Expert Formula

Sumo Active Boost contains triacontanol, a growth-stimulating substance found in the waxy cuticles of leaves. It acts as a growth stimulant and increases the sugar, protein, and oil content in plants. The product also includes seaweed extract derived through natural and gentle methods to retain important auxins and cytokinins.


Benefits of Auxins and Cytokinins

Auxins promote growth by elongating each cell and promoting cell division, resulting in increased shoot growth. Cytokinins are essential plant regulators that control leaf formation and increase chlorophyll synthesis, thereby enhancing photosynthesis. The high levels of cytokinins in Sumo Active Boost contribute to a larger leaf canopy and improved yields.


Application and Feeding

SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost is applied throughout the flowering stage following a 9-week schedule, with the option to add extra weeks during mid-flowering if needed. The feeding quantities remain the same, regardless of the substrate used. Dilute the product as follows and add it to your watering can, reservoir, or hydroponic tank:

  • Weeks 1-6: 2ml of Sumo Active Boost per litre of nutrient solution
  • Week 7: 1.5ml of Sumo Active Boost per litre of nutrient solution
  • Week 8: 1ml of Sumo Active Boost per litre of nutrient solution
  • Final Week: Water only during this stage
While primarily used as a root feed, Sumo Active Boost can also be used as a foliar spray for more targeted application.
Suitable for Active Hydroponic Systems
Sumo Active Boost is designed to stay fresh and effective in active hydroponic systems that recycle water for longer periods. It is particularly suitable for systems such as NFTs and bubbler systems.
Timing of Use
SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost is intended to be used throughout the blooming stage to achieve peak flowering and maximise yields.


By choosing SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost, you can expect stability and performance in your active hydroponic systems, stimulate photosynthesis and nutrient uptake, increase essential oil production in fruits and flowers, achieve brighter and larger yields, enhance resistance against bacteria and fungi, and use it as a root feed or foliar spray. It is specifically formulated for NFT and bubbler systems, providing the necessary components for optimal plant growth and development.

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