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Shogun Start

Shogun Start

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Shogun Start

SHOGUN Start is a propagation booster designed to enhance root development and increase the survival rate of cuttings. It contains natural auxins that promote elongation in root cells, resulting in longer and more complex root networks. This allows plants to establish strong roots more quickly.


  • Powerful Propagation Booster 
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Beneficial Microorganisms 
  • Establish Strong Roots
  • Increased Survival Rate Of Cuttings
  • With Calcium & Boron
  • Better Health. Better Harvests 
  • Optimal Plant Growth & Performance
  • Stimulates Early Growth
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Accelerates Root Development

The auxins in SHOGUN Start stimulate root growth, reducing the time it takes for seedlings to form roots. This helps plants establish a robust root system early on, enhancing overall plant health and vitality.


Gentle Feeding For Young Plants

SHOGUN Start provides essential macroelements in reduced quantities, ensuring a delicate balance of nutrients suitable for the early growth stage. It supports the nutritional needs of young plants without risking overfeeding or nutrient burn.


SmartZen Technology

SmartZen, a proprietary technology used in SHOGUN products, increases chlorophyll production and accelerates photosynthesis. It promotes early shoot development in cuttings, leading to faster growth and development.


Treats Transplant Shock

SHOGUN Start is effective in preventing and treating transplant shock, which occurs when plants experience stress during the transplanting process. By using SHOGUN Start, you can reduce stress levels and improve the survival rate of cuttings, ensuring a smooth transition and healthy root development.


Contains Calcium & Boron

SHOGUN Start includes calcium and boron, which work together to support translocation within plants. Calcium stimulates photosynthesis and contributes to higher yields, while boron activates calcium and aids in nutrient movement. The balanced ratio of these elements in SHOGUN Start promotes root growth and prepares plants for healthier and more robust growth.


Contains Humic & Fulvic Acids

SHOGUN Start is enriched with humic and fulvic acids, which provide multiple benefits to young plants. Humic acids chelate toxic metals, improving nutrient uptake and making cell walls more permeable. They also enhance microbial activity in the soil, promoting a healthy rhizosphere. Fulvic acids aid in nutrient transport, particularly calcium, which is essential for strong plant structures.


Soaking Propagation Cubes

Dilute SHOGUN Start at a rate of 3-4ml per liter and use it to pre-soak propagation cubes before planting cuttings. This helps prevent transplant shock and promotes root development.


Foliar Spray

Spray diluted SHOGUN Start (3-4ml per liter) directly onto the leaves of cuttings. This method enhances nutrient absorption and supports early growth.


Root Feed

Use SHOGUN Start as a root feed during the first two weeks of the vegetative period. Dilute at a rate of 4-8ml per liter and apply to your chosen growing medium, such as coco, soil, or hydroponic systems.

It is recommended to use SHOGUN Katana Roots in conjunction with SHOGUN Start during the cutting period up to week 3 of flowering for optimal results.


Why Choose SHOGUN Start?

  • Increases the survival rate of cuttings and reduces root sprouting time.
  • Provides gentle feeding for young plants without risking overfeeding.
  • Contains crucial trace elements necessary for early growth.
  • Free from pesticides and suitable for use in any growing medium.
  • Works synergistically with SHOGUN Katana Roots to promote healthy root development and overall plant growth.
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