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Shogun Samurai Terra Grow

Shogun Samurai Terra Grow

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Shogun Samurai Terra Grow

SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow is a mineral feed specifically formulated for soil cultivation, providing essential nutrients to promote vigorous vegetative growth and maximise yields. It contains SmartZen, a proprietary ingredient developed by SHOGUN, which enhances nutrient transportation and accelerates photosynthesis, resulting in increased fruit and flower size.


  • Maximise Yields
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Reduced Plant Stress
  • Increased Disease Resistance
  • Rich In Micronutrients
  • Better Health. Better Harvests 
  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Optimal Plant Growth & Performance
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Maximises Yields With SmartZen

SmartZen is a revolutionary ingredient that boosts yields by up to 8% more than competing NPK fertilisers. It stimulates photosynthesis, allowing plants to produce more energy and develop larger leaves. This increased energy supports accelerated growth and ultimately leads to higher yields.


Relieves Plant Stress

Samurai Terra Grow contains amino acids and B vitamins, which help to alleviate plant stress, especially during transplanting or cutting propagation. It supports the plants' ability to adapt to new environments and promotes healthy growth.


Rich In Micronutrients

This nutrient solution is rich in iron, sulphur, and magnesium, three essential micronutrients for plant health. Iron improves oxygenation around the plant, resulting in lush green foliage. Magnesium and iron are crucial for chlorophyll production and light absorption during photosynthesis. Sulphur plays a vital role in protein synthesis and assists in nitrogen uptake.


How to Use SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow

  • Dilute Terra Grow according to the water hardness in your area. If you have hard water, use a slightly lower dosage.
  • For hard water:
    • Weeks 1-2: 1-2ml/L
    • Weeks 3-4: 2-3ml/L
  • For soft water:
    • Weeks 1-2: 2-3ml/L
    • Weeks 3-4: 3-4ml/L

  • SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow is compatible with other additives and can be used alongside them.
  • Pair Samurai Terra Grow with SHOGUN Katana Roots for impressive root growth.
  • Follow with SHOGUN Terra Bloom during the flowering stage for increased yields.


Where to Use SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow

  • Samurai Terra Grow is specifically designed for soil cultivation, which contains naturally occurring microorganisms and a more nutrient-rich environment compared to coco or plain water.


When to Use SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow

  • Samurai Terra Grow is used during the vegetative stage to support robust growth and prepare plants for the flowering stage. Increase the dosage slightly during the second half of the vegetative period to fortify new leaves and stems.

Ensure that undiluted nutrients are never mixed and always add them one at a time, mixing thoroughly before adding another nutrient to the solution. Store Samurai Terra Grow in a cool, dry place above 7℃ to prevent crystallization.

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