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Shogun Dragon Force

Shogun Dragon Force

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Shogun Dragon Force

SHOGUN Dragon Force is a powerful formula designed to accelerate growth and maximise yields during the final 2 weeks of the flowering stage. It stimulates a significant growth spurt, resulting in larger, more highly scented fruits and flowers. Dragon Force replaces the need for a separate PK booster as it provides essential phosphorus and potassium in high ratios.


  • Accelerated Ripening Process
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Complete PK Replacement
  • Added Sulphur
  • High In Magnesium & Sulphur 
  • Rich In Micronutrients
  • Enhanced Stress Resistance
  • Better Health. Better Harvests 
  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Optimal Plant Growth & Performance
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Accelerated Maturing Process

Dragon Force utilises stored energy reserves in plants to promote a final burst of growth. By re-mobilising carbohydrates from the roots to the flowers, it increases plant metabolism and encourages substantial growth in the flowering zones. Calcium is also directed towards the fruits and flowers, improving their cell wall structure and extending their shelf life.


Complete PK Replacement

Dragon Force contains essential phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), eliminating the need for a separate PK booster. The P and K ratios in Dragon Force are higher than many standard bloom boosters, ensuring ample nutrient supply for the complex translocation processes occurring in plants during the final flowering stage.


Magnesium & Sulphur

Dragon Force includes magnesium and sulphur to further enhance plant growth and performance. Magnesium is crucial for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis, resulting in greener and more advanced growth. Sulphur plays a role in protein synthesis and energy transfer, influencing the rate at which a plant receives energy. It also contributes to increased essential oil production, enhancing the fragrance of fruits and flowers.


How to Use SHOGUN Dragon Force

  • Dilute Dragon Force at a rate of 4ml/L and mix thoroughly.
  • Add the solution to your nutrient reservoir, hydroponic tank, or watering can.
  • Use Dragon Force during the final 2 weeks of the flowering stage, replacing your regular bloom nutrient and PK supplement. You can continue to use SHOGUN Sumo Boost if desired.
  • Dragon Force is suitable for use in all growing media, including soil, coco, and hydro.


Why Choose SHOGUN Dragon Force

  • Accelerates growth during the final weeks of flowering.
  • Promotes the development of larger and more vibrant fruits and flowers.
  • Replaces separate bloom nutrients and PK additives.
  • Contains magnesium for enhanced photosynthesis and greener growth.
  • Increases the production of secondary metabolites, including essential oils.
  • Should be applied during the last 2 weeks of the flowering stage to maximise results.
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