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Root Riot Cubes

Root Riot Cubes

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Root Riot Cubes

Made from composted organic materials, these cubes have a spongy texture which retains the ideal air/water ratio for healthy, rapid root development in all hydroponic & soil based cultivation.


  • Simple To Use. Faster, More Vigorous Rooting.
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Clean & Toxin-Free. Reliable Results.
  • Organic & Fully Biodegradable.
  • The Best Start For Cuttings Or Seeds Alike.
  • 60% Improved Cuttings Success Rate


Made From Composted Organic Materials

The Growth Technology Root Riot cubes are made from composted organic materials, providing a spongy texture that maintains the optimal air-to-water ratio for promoting healthy and rapid root development.

These cubes are designed for easy use, ensuring faster and more vigorous rooting. They are clean and free from toxins, offering reliable results in plant propagation.


Provide The Best Start For Cuttings & Clones

Root Riot cubes are both organic and fully biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly. They provide the best start for both cuttings/clones and seeds, offering an ideal environment for successful propagation.

Considered the premier starter cubes in the world, Root Riot consistently outperforms other media options. The cubes are specially inoculated with micronutrients and biologically active ingredients that nourish young plants and support root development.


Suitable For Soil & Hydroponic Systems

Root Riot serves as an excellent propagation medium, crafted from a blend of organic materials suitable for both soil and hydroponic systems.

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