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Root Nurse White Fabric Plant Pot

Root Nurse White Fabric Plant Pot

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Root Nurse White Fabric Plant Pot

The lightweight fabric material promotes aeration which allows the roots to become stronger and results in stronger plants, guaranteed!  


  • Amazing Root Structure
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Superior Drainage & Aeration
  • Impossible To Overwater
  • Stronger Plants
  • Eliminates Root Circling 
  • Faster Growth
  • Available in sizes 10 litre to 25 litre


Superior Drainage & Aeration 

Root Nurse fabric pots excel in providing superior drainage and aeration through the process of air pruning the plant roots. This unique feature encourages the development of multi-branched roots, resulting in stronger and more efficient root systems while preventing root-circling commonly seen in plastic pots.

The lightweight fabric material of Root Nurse pots enhances aeration, enabling the roots to grow stronger and ultimately leading to stronger and healthier plants.


Exceptional Structure

Root Nurse containers undergo thorough testing to ensure optimal performance. The lightweight yet durable fabric structure supports the healthy growth of plant roots.


Environmentally Friendly

Root Nurse is committed to environmental sustainability. All Root Nurse Fabric Pots are made from recycled plastic bottles and fibers, offering an eco-friendly and economically responsible choice. By opting for these environmentally friendly products, harmful materials are avoided.


Reusable and Biodegradable

Each root pouch is designed to be reused for approximately three years, promoting sustainability and reducing waste. Additionally, Root Nurse fabric pots are biodegradable, resulting in minimal environmental pollution. When these pots break down, they transform into harmless, non-toxic elements.


Practical & Hardwearing

Root Nurse Fabric Pots are highly practical, available in various sizes to accommodate different plant types and sizes, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.


High-Quality Fabric Containers

Root Nurse Fabric Pots are recognized as a premium choice in the horticultural industry, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic pots. These fabric containers are designed to provide superior performance and surpass the limitations of conventional pots.

Upgrade your gardening experience with Root Nurse Fabric Pots, the premium choice for eco-friendly and high-quality fabric containers in the hydroponic & horticultural industry.

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