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Roof Qube RQ120 Grow Tent

Roof Qube RQ120 Grow Tent

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Roof Qube RQ120 Grow Tent

British engineered, premium quality & packed full of clever features. The Green Qube is quite simply the best Grow Tent in the world. Your plants deserve it.

  • Measures 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Perfect Reflectivity for LED Grow Lights
  • Our most versatile Grow Tent
  • 42 degree roof to neatly slot into lofts, attics eave spaces.
  • Lower height of 1.8m ideal for attics and basements
  • 25mm x 1mm powder-coated über strong metal poles
  • XREFLECT® diamond mylar for superior reflectivity & fewer hotspots
  • Hanging weight of +100kg
  • Silicon Anti-Slip Tips on all hanging bars for weight load stability and no bar sliding
  • Hydrometer Guard – clear pocket positioned on front of tent with direct access to the tent
  • Outer shell now in ultra strong and thick 600D
  • 1 x Uplift MAX Bar® – extra high now measuring 12cm.  For gravity-fed water systems e.g. Autopot, Multiflow & IWS Systems
  • 1 x main access doors and 2 x side door
  • 1 x Sensor Window®
  • Military-grade, rubber backed and waterproof  zips
  • 4 x 9″ double oversized extract socks which fit all sizes of ducting including acoustic ducting
  • 2 x cable socks
  • 3 x outside passive vents with 700 microns bug-proof MicroMesh
  • LightSavers® on all vents to deflect light
  • StitchBLOCK® with Tritec® foam technology for ultra-blackout light proofing
  • British engineered and designed
  • Ideal for all hydroponic and soil systems
  • Plus door hooks, hanging straps & spill tray
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay

Maximise Your Grow Space

If you're looking to maximise your growing space, the ORIGINAL Roof-Qube 150 grow tent is the perfect solution. Designed to fit neatly in attic and loft spaces, it allows you to grow in your house even with limited space.

Measuring 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.8m, the RQ120 is our largest grow room for lofts and basements, providing ample space to grow around 8 plants. With a height of only 1.8m, it comfortably fits into spaces with low ceiling height, including basements and attics.


British Engineering

Green Qube's clever British design team has engineered an innovative solution to maximise space. The Roof-Qube features a patented roof system that is super strong, easy to transport, and simple to construct. You won't find this roof structure design anywhere else.

Roof-Qube grow tents maintain the same high-quality features and components as our flagship Green-Qube range of grow rooms. Strength is at the core of our grow tents. With some of the thickest poles on the market measuring 25mm x 0.8mm, our metal poles are powder coated green and can hold over 100kg in weight.

Assembly is fast and simple with our easy-click pole and corner connectors. You can set up the tent quickly and easily without any hassle.


Multiple Access Doors

The Roof Qube RQ120 grow room features 1 main access door and 2 side doors. The main door is equipped with a green Sensor Window® to enhance your plant's energy absorption. The tent also includes 4 double oversized extract socks, 6 cable socks, and 3 outside passive vents with bug-proof MicroMesh. All ports have LightSavers® to reduce light glare.

The Uplift MAX Bar® provides a height of 12cm for gravity-fed hydroponic water systems. Hanging bars with Green-Qube V's silicon Anti-Slip Tips offer stability and prevent sliding.


Designed For Life

Our Green-Qube grow tents are designed for durability. The outer shells feature military-style blackout 10 gauge zips that are fully waterproof. The Double Zip mechanism allows you to safely zip yourself into the tent. The outer shell is made of thick and tough non-toxic PVA canvas with 600 denier XREFLECT® diamond mylar, providing 98% light-proofing.

We prioritise light tightness with double-sided sock cable, extraction, and intake ports, all with StitchBLOK® and Tritec® foam technology. Rubber backing is added to all zips. Our grow rooms are now 99% light tight.

We include additional features to enhance your hydroponic and soil based growing experience, such as handy door hooks, a removable spill tray, and hanging straps.


Super Strong. Ultra Tough

The RQ150 grow tent is super strong, ultra tough, and packed with practical and clever features, making it the best on the market. The Green-Qube range is renowned for its quality, class-leading components, innovative features, and cutting-edge technology. Our British-engineered tents offer superior materials and exceptional value.

Choose Green-Qube, Quick Qubes, and Roof-Qubes for a world-class grow tent experience.


* Note. Green Qube tents are sent directly from the Green Qube Head Office in Wales so we don't have the opportunity to stealth wrap them in our unique way. The boxes are plain, but they do have "Green Qube Tent" printed in small black print. We thought you'd like to know.

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