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Plug In Fan Speed Controller Max 300W

Plug In Fan Speed Controller Max 300W

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Plug In Fan Speed Controller Max 300W

The Plug-In Fan Speed Dimmer by Grow Gadgets is an excellent solution for controlling the speed of your fan, reducing noise levels, and efficiently managing airflow in your grow room. It is particularly useful for growers in flats, garages, or any location where fan noise may be a concern.


  • Reduce Fan Speed
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Reduce Noise & Fan Power
  • Made for UK Power Sockets
  • No Wiring Required
  • Plug & Play


Control Is Everything

With a maximum power capacity of 300W, the dimmer is suitable for powering fans up to 8" (200mm) in size at 230V. The setup is straightforward and requires no technical knowledge or wiring. Simply plug your fan into the fan speed controller, and then plug the controller directly into a mains socket.

Having control over fan speed is essential for optimizing your grow room & hydroponics environment. The Fan Speed Dimmer allows you to adjust the fan speed according to your specific requirements, ensuring proper ventilation and airflow. This control not only helps manage temperature and humidity levels but also minimizes noise disturbances.


Suitable For All Grow Environments

The Grow Gadgets Fan Speed Dimmer is designed to fit UK sockets and plugs, making it convenient for use in UK electrical systems. By incorporating this fan speed controller into your grow room setup, you can fine-tune your airflow management and create an optimal environment for your plants' growth and health. Suitable for all hydroponic and soil based grow rooms. 

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