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Plant Support Yo Yo's - 5 Pack

Plant Support Yo Yo's - 5 Pack

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Plant Support Yo Yo's - 5 Pack

These awesome little gadgets offer training and support for heavy buds and flowers. A must have in all grow rooms.


  • Make Efficient Use Of Light & Space
  • Gentle Spring Tension To Support Buds.
  • Orange Colour To Avoid Accidental Snagging.
  • Can Be Used For LST Training
  • Easily Supports Chunky Plants


Providing Extra Support To Your Plants

Plant Support Yo-Yos are a valuable tool for providing extra support to your plants, especially when they develop heavy flowers that may cause branches to snap. These Yo-Yos offer more than just emergency support; they are also useful for low-stress training (LST) and preparing plants for screen-of-green (SCROG) techniques.

By using these plant support Yo-Yos, you can effectively control stubborn or thick plants and ensure that more light can penetrate the lower levels. The process is simple and straightforward. Just attach the Yo-Yos to the tent-frame or any suitable support structure, then pull out the hook and clip it around the plant stem that requires support.


Increase Flowering Sites

The gentle tension in the Yo-Yo will pull the plant stem outwards, providing the necessary support. As the plant grows, the Yo-Yo's line will retract, continuously adjusting and providing the required support throughout the plant's life.

Plant Support Yo-Yos are currently in stock and available for fast delivery. They are an essential tool for any grow room, helping you maintain the structural integrity of your hydroponic & soil grown plants and ensuring successful harvests.

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