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Plagron PK13-14

Plagron PK13-14

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Plagron PK13-14

Plagron PK 13-14 is a specialised mineral fertiliser formulated to provide plants with an extra boost of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) during the flowering phase. These essential nutrients play a crucial role in flower and fruit development, resulting in more compact, solid, and heavy fruits.


  • High Quality Root Stimulator
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • PK 13 - 14
  • For Exceptional Resin Development 
  • Premium Quality Plant Nutrition
  • Guaranteed High Yields
  • More Compact & Firmer Fruits
  • Enhanced Nutrient Uptake  
  • For Soil & Hydroponic Use
  • Stimulates Flavours
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Enhanced Flower & Fruit Development

The increased levels of phosphorus and potassium provided by PK 13-14 promote the formation and development of flowers and fruits. Phosphorus is involved in energy transfer and stimulates root development, while potassium aids in nutrient uptake and overall plant health. Together, they contribute to larger, denser, and more abundant flowers and fruits.


Compact & Firmer Fruits

By providing the right balance of nutrients, PK 13-14 helps to optimise the development of fruits, making them more compact and solid. This can lead to improved shelf life and better overall fruit quality.


High Yield Guarantee

Plagron PK 13-14 is specifically designed to enhance the yield of flowering plants. Its formulation ensures that plants receive the essential nutrients they need during this critical phase, resulting in a higher yield of quality flowers or fruits.


How to use Plagron PK 13-14

  • Start using PK 13-14 when flowering begins or when the first flowers appear.
  • Dilute PK 13-14 in water at a ratio of 1 ml per 1 litre of water (1:1000 dilution).
  • Use PK 13-14 in conjunction with your regular base nutrient or fertiliser.
  • Apply PK 13-14 in addition to your regular feeding schedule during the flowering phase.
  • Adjust the dosage as needed based on the specific requirements of your plants and the recommendations provided by Plagron.

It is important to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and monitor your plants' response. Start with a lower dosage and gradually increase if necessary.


Plagron PK 13-14

  • Specifically formulated for the flowering phase to enhance flower and fruit development.
  • Provides an extra boost of phosphorus and potassium, essential nutrients for flowering plants.
  • Helps produce compact, solid, and heavy fruits.
  • Promotes higher yields of quality flowers or fruits.
  • Produced by Plagron, a trusted brand known for its high-quality plant fertilizers and substrates.

Plagron PK 13-14 can be a valuable addition to your nutrient regimen during the flowering phase. By supplying the right nutrients at the right time, it supports optimal flower and fruit development, leading to improved yields and higher-quality harvests.

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