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Plagron Lightmix 50L

Plagron Lightmix 50L

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Plagron Lightmix 50L

Plagron Lightmix is a high-quality substrate designed for optimal plant growth of high value botanical plants and fruits.


  • Light & Well Oxygenated
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • With Natural Fertilisers
  • Rapid Rooting
  • Huge 50 Litre Bag
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Promotes Vigorous Growth
  • With Mineral Fertilisers
  • Accurate pH Regulation
  • From The Experts At Plagron


Light & Well-Oxygenated

Lightmix contains various types of fiber and perlite, which contribute to its lightness and excellent oxygen levels. This promotes healthy root development and ensures that the plants have access to sufficient oxygen for their growth.


Customizable Nutrient Levels

Lightmix is minimally pre-fertilized, meaning it contains only a minimal amount of nutrients. This allows growers to have full control over the nutrient levels and customize the fertilization according to their specific requirements and preferences. It provides flexibility for growers to choose their preferred nutrient regime and adjust it based on the plants' needs.


Rapid Rooting

Lightmix has a low electrical conductivity (EC) value ranging from 0.7 to 1.1 mS/cm. This low EC value promotes rapid rooting, allowing plants to establish strong root systems quickly and efficiently. Strong roots support overall plant development and maximize nutrient uptake.


Mineral Fertilizer

Lightmix contains a mineral fertilizer that provides essential nutrients for plant growth. The substrate's pre-fertilized nature ensures that plants receive a sufficient nutrient supply during the initial stages of growth, promoting healthy and vigorous development.

Plagron Lightmix offers a light and well-oxygenated substrate with customizable nutrient levels. Its low EC value promotes rapid rooting, and the option of including perlite enhances drainage and aeration. Whether used with or without perlite, Lightmix provides a high-quality growing medium that allows growers to tailor the nutrient supply according to their preferences. With the inclusion of a mineral fertilizer and its pre-fertilized nature, Lightmix supports healthy plant growth and provides the foundation for achieving high yields.

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