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Plagron Hydro A & B

Plagron Hydro A & B

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Plagron Hydro A & B

Plagron Hydro A and Hydro B are highly concentrated mineral-based plant nutrients designed for use in hydroponic systems during both the growth and flowering phases. They provide essential nutrients and trace elements in a form that is quickly absorbed by plants.


  • Enriched With Calcium
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Easy To Use
  • Enhanced Chlorophyll Production
  • Versatile Application
  • Enhanced Flavour Production
  • From The Experts At Plagron
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Hydro A

Hydro A is enriched with calcium, which plays a crucial role in helping plants cope with heat stress. Calcium is essential for maintaining cell structure and integrity, enhancing the plant's ability to withstand high temperatures and environmental stressors.

Hydro B

Hydro B contains magnesium, a key component in chlorophyll production. Chlorophyll is responsible for the plant's ability to convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis. By supplying magnesium, Hydro B supports the production of chlorophyll, enabling vigorous growth and healthy development.

Hydro A and Hydro B work together synergistically to provide a complete and balanced combination of essential nutrients. They can be used with various inert substrates commonly used in hydroponic systems.


Complete Control Over EC & pH values

Using Hydro A and Hydro B allows growers to have precise control over the electrical conductivity (EC) and pH levels of their nutrient solution, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake by the plants.


Highly Concentrated & Economical

The concentrated formula of Hydro A and Hydro B means that only small amounts are needed for effective plant nutrition, making it cost-effective for growers.


No Crystallization In The Nutrient Tank

The formulation of Hydro A and Hydro B is designed to prevent crystallization in the nutrient tank, ensuring that the nutrients remain in a dissolved form and readily available for plant uptake.

By using Plagron Hydro A and Hydro B in your hydroponic system, you can provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth, vigorous flowering, and optimal nutrient uptake, all while maintaining control over the EC and pH values of your nutrient solution.

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