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Plagron Growmix 50L

Plagron Growmix 50L

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Plagron Growmix 50L

Plagron Growmix is a high-quality substrate specifically formulated for vigorous plant growth and optimal blooming.


  • Finest Plagron Peat Blend
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • With Natural Fertilisers
  • Enough Nutrients For 3 Weeks
  • Rapid Rooting
  • Light & Well Oxygenated
  • Huge 50 Litre Bag
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Promotes Vigorous Growth
  • With Mineral Fertilisers
  • Accurate pH Regulation
  • From The Experts At Plagron


Finest Peat Blend

Growmix is composed of carefully selected types of peat to ensure a high-quality substrate. The peat used in the mix is of superior quality, providing a favorable environment for plant growth.


Lightness & Oxygenation

The addition of various types of fiber and perlite in Growmix results in a lightweight substrate with excellent oxygen levels. This promotes healthy root development and allows for efficient nutrient uptake by the plants.


Vigorous Plant Growth

The presence of unique Plagron worm castings in Growmix contributes to vigorous plant growth. These worm castings provide essential nutrients and improve water retention, ensuring the plants have access to the necessary resources for optimal development.


Pre-Fertilized For 3 Weeks

Growmix is pre-fertilized with a refined combination of nutrients that meet the plants' needs during the first three weeks of growth. This provides a good starting point for healthy plant development and encourages vigorous vegetative growth.


Flexible Fertilization Options

After the initial three weeks, the grower has the flexibility to decide on the fertilization strategy during the flowering phase. This allows growers to tailor the nutrient supply to the specific requirements of their plants, ensuring optimal blooming and maximizing yields.


Trusted Quality

Plagron has been supplying high-quality substrates for years, and Growmix continues to deliver the same level of quality that growers have come to expect from the brand. The substrate provides a reliable and consistent foundation for plant growth.

Plagron Growmix is a premium substrate that promotes vigorous plant growth and optimal blooming. Its carefully selected peat blend, combined with the presence of worm castings, provides an ideal environment for healthy root development and efficient nutrient uptake. With pre-fertilization for the initial three weeks and the flexibility to customize fertilization during the flowering phase, Growmix offers growers the ability to tailor their nutrient strategy to achieve the best results. Plagron's commitment to quality ensures that Growmix consistently delivers reliable performance for successful plant cultivation.

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