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Plagron Euro Pebbles Plt-50

Plagron Euro Pebbles Plt-50

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Plagron Euro Pebbles Plt-50

Plagron Euro Pebbles is a versatile substrate with a wide range of applications, allowing users to control the nutritional value according to their specific needs. This substrate is well-suited for various cultivation methods, particularly in recirculating systems. Euro Pebbles undergoes a thorough washing process to ensure cleanliness.


  • Clean & Firm
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Premium Oxygen Absorption
  • Prefect For Hydroponics 
  • From The Experts At Plagron
  • 60% Improved Cuttings Success Rate


Clean & Firm

Euro Pebbles is cleaner and firmer compared to similar products in the market. This provides a stable and consistent growing medium for your plants.


Excellent Water & Oxygen Absorption

The substrate has a high water absorption capacity, allowing it to retain moisture while providing sufficient oxygen to the roots. This ensures a well-balanced environment for optimal plant growth.


Recirculating Systems

Plagron Euro Pebbles is specifically designed for use in recirculating systems. It performs well in these setups, providing the necessary support and conditions for healthy plant development.

To achieve the best results, combining Plagron Euro Pebbles with Plagron Hydro A&B nutrients and additives is recommended. This combination has been formulated to maximize yields and enhance plant performance.

Plagron Euro Pebbles is a reliable and effective substrate choice for growers who prioritize cleanliness, water absorption, and performance in recirculating systems.

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