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Plagron Cocos Brix (6x)

Plagron Cocos Brix (6x)

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Plagron Cocos Brix (6x)

Plagron Cocos Brix is a convenient and versatile option for growers looking to use coco coir as their growing medium.


  • Lightweight & Porous
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Easy To Store
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Each Block Makes 7 Litre Of Coco
  • Premium Oxygen Absorption
  • Clean & Sterile
  • Fast & Uniform Growth
  • From The Experts At Plagron


Easy & Convenient

These dehydrated blocks are lightweight and easy to store. Simply add water to rehydrate the blocks, and each block will expand to make up to 7L of ready-to-use coco substrate. This eliminates the need for bulky bags of coco coir and allows for easy transportation and storage.


High Water Retention

Once hydrated, Cocos Brix has a high water retention capacity. This means that it can hold onto moisture for longer periods, providing a consistent water supply to your plants. This is especially beneficial for plants that require consistent moisture levels, helping to prevent underwatering.


Versatile Use

Plagron Cocos Brix can be used on its own or mixed with other growing media, such as soil. It offers excellent aeration properties and helps retain nutrient solutions, promoting optimal nutrient uptake and high yields. It can also be used as a soil improver, improving the structure of dense clay soils or enhancing water retention in sandy soils.


RHP Certified

The RHP certification guarantees the quality and performance of the coco coir. Plagron Cocos Brix is fully buffered and has a low EC value, ensuring that it is clean, safe, and free from pests and pathogens. It also has a stable pH range, providing an ideal growing environment for plants.



The reusability of Plagron Cocos Brix makes it a sustainable choice. After use, the coco substrate can be repurposed as a soil improver, enriching the soil with organic matter and improving its structure. This reduces waste and contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach to gardening.


Super User-Friendly

Plagron Cocos Brix is easy to use and requires minimal preparation. Simply soak the brick in water, wait for it to expand, and it's ready to be used as a growing medium. The stable pH value ensures a consistent environment for plant growth, and the low EC value provides control over nutrient levels.

Plagron Cocos Brix offers a reliable and convenient solution for growers who prefer using coco coir as their growing medium. With its water retention capacity, versatility, and RHP certification, it provides an excellent substrate for plant growth and development.

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