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Plagron All Mix 50L

Plagron All Mix 50L

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Plagron All Mix 50L

Plagron All Mix is a high-quality pre-fertilized soil mixture designed to provide optimal nutrition and growing conditions for high value botanical plants & fruits.


  • Enough Food For 6 Weeks
  • Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Micro Active Ecosystem
  • Abundant Worm Castings
  • Excellent Water Retention
  • Promotes Vigorous Growth
  • Organic & Pure
  • From The Experts At Plagron


Pre-Fertilized Soil

All Mix is heavily pre-fertilized with a blend of organic fertilizers, ensuring that plants receive essential nutrients right from the start. The pre-fertilization lasts for approximately six weeks, providing enough nutrients to support lush plant growth without the need for additional fertilizer inputs during that period.


Micro Active Ecosystem

All Mix is formulated to mimic rich outdoor soil, complete with a micro active ecosystem. This ecosystem includes beneficial microorganisms that help to break down organic matter, improve nutrient availability, and support healthy plant growth. The presence of this ecosystem creates a fertile environment that promotes vigorous plant development.


Abundant Worm Castings

All Mix contains a generous amount of Plagron worm castings, which are rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. These worm castings enhance the soil structure, improve water retention, and provide additional nutrients to the plants. The presence of worm castings contributes to the overall health and vitality of plants grown in All Mix.


Suitable For Warmer Climates

All Mix is well-suited for use in warmer climates due to its composition and nutrient content. It provides a balanced nutrient supply and helps retain moisture, which is particularly beneficial in drier or hotter conditions where plants may require additional support.


Organic Fertilizers

All Mix is enriched with organic fertilizers that ensure plants receive a natural and balanced nutrient supply. These organic fertilizers support healthy growth, promote root development, and contribute to the overall vitality of plants.

Plagron All Mix offers a convenient and effective growing medium for a wide range of plants. Its pre-fertilized nature, micro active ecosystem, and abundant worm castings provide the necessary nutrients, moisture retention, and soil vitality for optimal plant growth. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, All Mix provides a reliable and nutrient-rich substrate for successful plant cultivation.

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