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Phlizon Fold 640w LED Grow Light

Phlizon Fold 640w LED Grow Light

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Phlizon Fold 640w LED Grow Light

Designed for professional applications requiring efficient, precise and uniform levels of light over a large area, the Phlizon Fold 640w is an ultra high performing LED Grow Light at an amazing price. 


  • Outstanding Performance
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Full Spectrum
  • Incredible Botanical Production
  • Zero Noise
  • Inventronics Driver
  • Samsung & Osram Diodes
  • Massive 640w Power Output
  • Game Changing Technology
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 50000 Hours Life
  • RJ14 Port For Smart Control
  • Pay As You Grow with  Clearpay


Exceptional Value & Quality Components

The Phlizon Fold 640w LED Grow Light is an impressive addition to the grow technology market in 2023. With its remarkable power output of 640w, it stands among the most powerful LED grow lights available. What sets it apart is its exceptional value, offering quality components and features without unnecessary marketing hype.

The light utilises a combination of Samsung and Osram Red diode LEDs to provide a precise spread of light that meets your plants' needs without wasting lumens or producing excessive heat. This makes the Phlizon Fold 640w one of the most efficient LED grow lights on the market.


Full Spectrum Output

With its full spectrum output, the Phlizon Fold is suitable for all stages of hydroponic & soil plant growth, from seed to flower. The light includes full dimming control, giving growers complete flexibility and control over their lighting setup. Its corner-to-corner light penetration ensures consistent, high-quality yields and reliable performance.

Covering an impressive canopy area of 5ft by 5ft (or 2.5 x 2.5 meters), the Phlizon Fold is a substantial light source. It combines a warm array of white (3000k and 6500k) for vigorous growth with a warm red (660nm) for optimal flower production.


Ultimate Stealth & Practicality

The fanless design of the Phlizon Fold eliminates moving parts, ensuring silent operation and enhanced durability. It also contributes to its long lifespan. Additionally, the light is foldable, making it convenient to store and transport, and adding to its stealth and practicality.

The Phlizon Fold is not a cheap knockoff; it is engineered with high-quality components, including an Inventronics driver and Samsung diodes. This allows it to compete with the best LED grow lights in the industry. Overall, the Phlizon Fold offers a well-made light with an excellent combination of features and affordability.

The Phlizon Fold comes packaged discreetly and includes a high-quality hanging kit, making it ready to use out of the box in just a few minutes. Upgrade your grow room now and experience the benefits of this impressive LED grow light.

Phlizon Fold 640w LED Grow Light Technical Specification

Input Power 640w
Efficiency 2.7 µmol/J
PPF 1744µmol/s
Input Voltage Autosense 100–277V
Footprint 4tf x 4ft (flower). 5ft x 5ft (veg) 
Thermal Management Passive
Lifetime 50,000hrs
Power Factor >90%
Certifications UL 8800 Damp
Location Rating & CE
Size 1060mm x 1030mm x 99mm
Ambient Temperature -40–40”C
Storage Environment -40X-85’C RH10%-95%
Diodes Samsung lm281b & Osram Red Diodes

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