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Ona Odour Neutraliser Spray

Ona Odour Neutraliser Spray

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Ona Odour Neutraliser Spray

ONA Sprays are highly effective odour neutralizers that eliminate bad smells at their source. Made from a blend of 32 essential oils, they provide a natural and long-lasting solution to odour control in grow rooms and other enclosed spaces. 


Eliminates Unwanted Odours

Unlike traditional air fresheners that simply mask odours, ONA Sprays neutralize and eliminate bad smells. They attack the molecules responsible for odour, ensuring that the smell is permanently removed.


Super Long-Lasting

ONA Sprays are highly concentrated, which means they last for a long time. Enjoy the refreshing scent for several weeks before needing to replace the block.


Alternative to Synthetic Fragrances

ONA Sprays are made from a blend of 32 essential oils in a convenient wax form. They offer a natural and safer alternative to chemical-based air fresheners. The natural ingredients derived from plants make them suitable for use in various environments, including households, gardens, and businesses.


Easy to Use

ONA Sprays require minimal maintenance. Simply remove the lid to expose the wax block inside, and the block will slowly evaporate, releasing the odour-neutralizing fragrance into the air. For smaller spaces, you can grate a small amount of the block into a bowl. The block can also be placed in a small dish for areas that require more intense odour control.


Versatile Application

ONA Sprays are ideal for use in grow tents, sheds, and smaller grow rooms. Their compact size makes them portable and suitable for use outside of grow spaces as well. Place them in your car, gym bag, bathroom, or any area that needs odour control.

By choosing ONA Sprays, you can effectively and permanently eliminate odours without relying on chemical-based air fresheners. The long-lasting formula, natural ingredients, and easy-to-use wax form make them a convenient and reliable solution for odour control in various environments. Enjoy the benefits of a fresh and odour-free space with ONA Spray.

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