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Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V Grow Light Fixture

Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V Grow Light Fixture

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Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V Grow Light Fixture

Offering professional level grow lighting at an outstandingly low price, the Omega V-Pro 1000w DE 400v grow lighting fixture is a fantastic solution for cultivators looking to produce premium quality flowers and herbs.


  • Very High PPF Output 
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Ballast Included
  • More Light Than Standard 240v Lights
  • Plug & Play Simplicity
  • Super Stealthy
  • Low Noise
  • Premium Quality
  • Built In Reflector
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay
  • Daily Electricity Cost £2.45

High Output. Low Price

The Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V fixture is designed to produce professional growing results and is compatible with Omega double-ended and high-frequency Dual Spectrum Lamps and Metal Halide Lamps. It offers exceptional value for money, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

The fixture utilises 400V DE technology, which was originally developed for use in greenhouses by professional horticulturalists. This technology allows the fixture to put out more light compared to standard 230-volt lighting systems, providing enhanced performance.


Long Lamp Life

One of the advantages of the Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V fixture is its long lamp life. With this fixture, there is no need to replace the lamps for a full year, reducing maintenance costs and hassle.

The fixture comes with a closed reflector, which is ideal for situations where users want to keep their light positioned higher up. This design feature helps provide more uniform light distribution and coverage.


All In One

The Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V fixture combines the ballast and reflector into one unit (lamp not included). The ballast output can be controlled using a dimmer switch, offering a range of power options. This allows for precise control of the light output, enabling users to adjust the fixture according to the specific needs of their plants.

The fixture features a power control switch that allows users to set the desired power output. Once everything is set up, connect the lead from the reflector to a standard UK mains outlet or a Contactor, and switch on the power.

Overall, the Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V fixture provides growers with a reliable and efficient lighting solution, offering flexibility in light output and ease of use. 

Please note. Lamp not included. 

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