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Omega Super Spectrum HPS Grow Lamp

Omega Super Spectrum HPS Grow Lamp

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Omega Super Spectrum HPS Grow Lamp

Omega Super HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) Grow Lamps are specifically designed to enhance the growth and yield of plants during the flowering stage. These Grow Lamps provide a dense red spectrum of light, which is the most beneficial for plants in this phase of growth, facilitating quick development and unrivaled yields.


  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Added UV For Ripening & Hardening
  • Perfect For Flowering
  • Air Purification Chamber Filters Which Improve The PAR Output.
  • Maximise Yield 
  • CE Mark & One Year’s Guarantee.


Optimal Growth Conditions

Omega Super HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) Grow Lamps indeed incorporate advanced design features that promote optimal growth conditions for plants, particularly during their flowering stage.


Double Ceramic Tubes

These are specifically designed to optimise light output, providing a higher quantity of usable light energy for your plants. This maximises the efficiency of your indoor garden by ensuring that your plants receive as much light as possible for photosynthesis.


Reduced Heat Output

The design of the ceramic tubes allows for reduced heat output from the Grow Lamp. Excessive heat can damage plants and reduce yield, so this feature ensures that your indoor garden remains at an optimal temperature.


Longer Lamp Life

The reduction in heat output does not negatively affect the lifespan of the Grow Lamp, ensuring that you will get a long service life from your Omega HPS Grow Lamp.


Lower Grow Temperature

Combined with the lower heat output of the Grow Lamp, the grow temperature in your garden is kept lower, helping to prevent heat stress and increasing overall plant yield.


Super-Lumen Technology

This advanced feature allows the lamp to produce additional wattage, providing more light energy for your plants and optimising their growth and development.


Dense Red Spectrum

This is ideal for the flowering phase of plant growth, promoting rapid development and increasing yields. The red spectrum light encourages the reproductive processes in plants, leading to the production of flowers and fruits.


Remember, while HPS Grow Lamps are excellent for the flowering stage, they might not provide the best spectrum for the vegetative phase of growth. It's often recommended to use metal halide lamps or full-spectrum LEDs for vegetative growth, switching to HPS lamps when the plants start to flower. Always ensure that your grow room setup includes suitable ventilation and temperature control to prevent heat buildup and potential damage to your plants.

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