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Omega Euro Magnetic Grow Light Kit

Omega Euro Magnetic Grow Light Kit

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Omega Euro Magnetic Grow Light Kit

Maximum yields at an incredibly low price.


Ready, Set, Grow

Omega Grow Light Kits continue to hold the reputation as the industry's best, striking a fine balance between superior performance and great value. This comprehensive package delivers an efficient, high-performance lighting system that doesn't strain your budget.


  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay
  • Euro Wing Reflector
  • HPS & Metal Halide Compatible
  • 2-Year Guarantee.
  • 600W Dual Spectrum Veg & Flower Lamp.
  • Massive Lumens Output.
  • A Lifetime Of 24,000 Hours.
  • Provides Even Light Dispersion
  • Outstanding Value For Money


Omega Magnetic Ballast

All Omega Metal Magnetic Ballasts hold the mark of quality with CE certification and are backed by a two-year warranty, underscoring our commitment to delivering top-tier, reliable ballasts. Professionals prefer HID lighting for its unparalleled efficiency in maximising crop growth.

Omega Lighting's cutting-edge Metal Magnetic Ballasts are perfectly suited to power HID Grow lamps. These ballasts provide users with the flexibility to manage power output to the bulb, a feature that not only safeguards the bulb's longevity but also contributes to reducing overall cultivation expenses. In leveraging Omega's state-of-the-art Grow Light technology, you are choosing a solution that truly supports your growing needs.


Omega Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp

Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps are designed to provide more usable light to plants using two ceramic tubes in the HPS Lamp that ensures optimal light output. Dual Spectrum Lamps are perfect for both vegetative growth and flowering as they emit both blue spectrums and red spectrums. The grow lamp's design also means a reduction in heat - with no negative effects on the lifespan of the lamps. Providing plants a lower growth temperature will also increase yields at harvest time.


Omega Euro Wing Reflector

Promising excellent value, the Omega Eurowing Reflector ensures superior light dispersion for your plants, minimising hot-spots while maximising light reflectivity. Its unique v-ridge design and dimpled silver wings are purposefully engineered for exceptional reflectivity.

Simplicity meets functionality in the Euro Reflector. Its ease of assembly and straightforward operation make it a breeze to incorporate into any grow setup. What's more, the ceramic lamp holder in the reflector boasts outstanding heat resistance, keeping your lighting setup safe and efficient, ensuring your plants receive the best possible lighting conditions.

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