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Omega Metal Halide Grow Lamp

Omega Metal Halide Grow Lamp

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Omega Metal Halide Grow Lamp

Omega Lighting's Metal Halide Grow Lamps are designed with the specific needs of plants in their vegetative stage in mind. They emit a blue spectrum of light that is ideal for this stage of hydroponic, soil and indoor plant growth.


  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Air Purification Chamber Filters 
  • Improved PAR Output
  • Intense Wide Spectrum Output
  • High Quality & Reliable
  • Low Heat Output
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Precision Engineering


The Omega 1000W Metal Halide Grow Lamp is designed to enhance the vegetative growth of plants by emitting a high level of blue light. This light spectrum is crucial in encouraging the development of healthy, dense, and compact vegetative growth.


High Blue Spectrum

The lamp emits a light rich in blue spectrum, ideal for the vegetative stage of plant growth. This type of light encourages plants to grow shorter and denser, which can contribute to better flowering later on.


Colour Temperature

With a colour temperature of 6400K, this lamp mimics the colour of natural daylight. This cool, bright light is conducive to vegetative growth and is less likely to stretch plants, encouraging more compact and healthy growth.


Standard E40 Fitting

The lamp comes with a standard E40 fitting, making it easily compatible with most existing grow room setups. This means less hassle for you when setting up or replacing lamps.


Guarantee and Certification

Omega Metal Halide Lamps come with a 1-year manufacturer's guarantee, providing reassurance in the quality and reliability of the product. Furthermore, all lamps are CE certified, indicating they meet the necessary safety and performance standards set by the European Union.

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