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Omega Metal Magnetic Grow Light Ballast

Omega Metal Magnetic Grow Light Ballast

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Omega Metal Magnetic Grow Light Ballast

Omega Lighting’s Metal Magnetic Grow Light Ballasts provide an excellent solution for growers seeking reliability, durability, and efficiency. Designed to keep noise to a minimum, these ballasts provide a quiet growing environment while their vented, premium steel housing ensures optimal heat dissipation for cool operation.


  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Available In 250w, 400w & 600w
  • Can Be Wall Mounted
  • CE Certified & Guaranteed
  • High Quality Metal Build

Omega Lighting’s Metal Magnetic Ballasts provide a reliable and durable solution to your grow lighting needs. With a focus on high quality, these ballasts are built with a premium steel housing, ensuring durability and optimal performance. These ballasts are also designed with vents, promoting cool operation and preventing overheating.


Quiet Operation

These ballasts are designed to run quietly, minimizing distractions and noise in your growing environment.


Premium Steel Housing

The high-quality steel housing not only provides durability but also promotes cool operation with its built-in vents.


Wide Range

Available in 250W, 400W, and 600W options, these ballasts offer a solution for various growing needs.



For added convenience and flexibility in your setup, these ballasts can be mounted on the wall.


Safe Operation

All ballasts feature a 1-meter mains lead with a flying IEC lead for added safety.


Certified & Guaranteed

These ballasts are CE certified, guaranteeing their quality and compliance with safety standards. Furthermore, they come with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.


Huge Versatility

These ballasts are ideal for powering HID lamps, making them a versatile choice for various lighting setups. They are recommended for use with Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps and Omega Euro Metal Kits.


Omega Lighting’s Metal Magnetic Ballasts are the ideal choice for growers seeking a reliable, high-quality lighting solution. They ensure optimal performance, helping to maximize crop growth while also helping to reduce growing costs.

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