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Omega Euro Pro-V Grow Light Kits

Omega Euro Pro-V Grow Light Kits

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Omega Euro Pro-V 600w Grow Light Kits

Unlock Exceptional Yields and Unbeatable Value with Omega Lighting's Pro-V Light Kits.


Ready, Set, Grow

Omega Lighting Kits have earned a prestigious reputation as industry leaders, renowned for their excellent performance and superb value for money. Our Omega Eurowing Pro-V Light Kit embodies this ethos, presenting an efficient, high-performance lighting solution that won't break the bank.


  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay
  • Uses Soft Start Technology
  • HPS & Metal Halide Compatible
  • 2-Year Guarantee.
  • Available In 400w & 600w
  • Dual Spectrum Veg & Flower Lamp.
  • 95,000 Lumens Output.
  • A Lifetime Of 24,000 Hours.
  • Provides Even Light Dispersion
  • Generates Fewer Hot-Spots
  • More Light Reflectivity


Unbeatable Value For Money

The kit comes complete with a superior Omega Pro-V Ballast, an ultra-light, dimpled, high-gloss Omega Eurowing Reflector for uniform light distribution, and a top-tier Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp. Together, they create a lighting environment that is second to none.  


Omega Pro V Ballast

The Omega Pro-V Ballast champions quality, employing premium components to deliver a ballast that exceeds expectations. Encased in a vented, sealed plastic housing, this ballast operates in absolute silence while promoting effective cooling.

Omega Grow Lighting's top-tier Ballasts are perfectly suited to powering HID lamps, offering users the flexibility to control power output. This not only prolongs the bulb's lifespan but also helps curb growing costs, making it a savvy choice for the discerning hydroponic, soil or indoor gardener.


Omega Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp

Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps are engineered to maximise plant illumination, employing twin ceramic tubes in the HPS Lamp to deliver superior light output.

Ideal for both vegetative growth and flowering stages, these lamps emit a balanced mix of blue and red spectrums. The lamp's innovative design minimises heat output without compromising the lamp's lifespan. This reduction in heat promotes a cooler growth environment for your plants, leading to enhanced yields come harvest time.


Omega Eurowing Reflector

Value Meets Performance. Experience the perfect blend of cost-efficiency and superior performance with the Omega Eurowing Reflector. Its v-ridge design and dimpled silver wings enhance light dispersion, minimise hot-spots, and maximise reflectivity, providing your plants with the most effective light exposure. The Eurowing Reflector also includes a ceramic lamp holder for improved heat resistance, making it an effortless addition to your setup.

Ensures balanced light dispersion Minimises hot-spot generation Enhances light reflectivity Solid Ceramic E40 Fitting Dimpled silver wings for maximum light reflection. Suitable for all hydroponic, soil and indoor cultivators.


Omega Grow Light Kits stand unrivalled in the industry, renowned for their exceptional performance and unmatched value for money. Our 400w or 600W Pro V Grow Light Kit brings you an efficient, economical lighting solution designed to outshine and outlast others.

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