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Omega Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp

Omega Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp

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Omega Dual Spectrum HPS Grow Lamp

Omega Lighting's Dual Spectrum Lamps are designed with the specific needs of growers in mind. Their advanced grow lamp technology employs two ceramic tubes, which are engineered to optimize light output.


  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Added UV For Ripening & Hardening
  • Ideal For Use During Growth & Flowering.
  • Air Purification Chamber Filters 
  • Improved The PAR Output.
  • For Grow & Bloom
  • CE Mark & One Year’s Guarantee.
  • Tweaked PAR Range
  • Balanced Red & Blue Spectrum


More Usable Light Energy

This design results in more usable light energy and provides a consistent lumen output over an extended period.

This combination of cutting-edge grow lighting technology and Omega Lighting's experience allows for a grow lamp that can meet the distinct requirements of each stage of a plant's growth.

Omega's lamps have been crafted to not only optimize light output but also to minimize heat, without compromising the lamp's lifespan. This results in a lower grow temperature which can contribute to an increase in plant yield.


Suited For Both The Growth & Flowering

Ideally suited for both the growth and flowering stages of plant development, Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps provide the perfect balance of red and blue spectrums. This balance is achieved by adjusting the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) range, ensuring the light is most effective for plant growth. In addition to this, Omega's lamps also feature added UV light, beneficial for the ripening and hardening of plants.


Precision Engineered Grow Lamps

Omega Lighting’s precision engineered grow lamps provide an optically superior product with smoother beam patterns and significantly reduced striations and hot spots. They are energy-efficient and are fine-tuned to generate a higher PAR output. Thanks to Omega's advanced super-lumen technology, these lamps can produce additional wattage. All Omega Lighting Lamps carry a CE Mark and come with a minimum of 12 months' guarantee.


Air Purification Chambers

Omega's Dual Spectrum Lamps are equipped with air purification chambers, which work to enhance the PAR output, making them the most powerful lamps in this range.

These grow lamps are designed to improve the flowering and vegetation development of plants. They not only provide a broader spectrum of usable light but also maintain consistent lumen output and a reduced heat output thanks to the unique dynamics of the tube. This contributes to a lower grow temperature, potentially enhancing plant yields. 

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