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Omega CFL Grow Lamp Deep Blue 6400K

Omega CFL Grow Lamp Deep Blue 6400K

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Omega CFL Grow Lamp Deep Blue 6400K

Omega Grow Lightings Deep Blue CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) range bring a host of advantages for indoor growers, especially during the vegetative stage of the grow cycle.


  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Incredibly Energy Efficient
  • Deep Blue Spectrum
  • High Quality & Reliable
  • Low Heat Output
  • Precision Engineering


Energy Efficiency

CFL Grow Lamps consume less energy compared to traditional lighting solutions. They provide a great way for indoor growers to cut down on electricity costs without sacrificing their garden's performance.


Deep Blue Spectrum

The deep blue light spectrum emitted by these lamps is ideal for the vegetative stage of plant growth. It encourages robust and healthy leaf and stem growth, setting the foundation for a fruitful flowering stage later on.


Quality and Reliability

Omega Lighting has a reputation for providing quality and reliable products. Their CFL lamps are no exception, offering long lifetimes and consistent performance.


Lower Heat Output

Compared to other types of grow lights, CFLs produce less heat. This can help reduce the need for extensive cooling systems in your indoor grow space, saving even more on energy costs.



The compact size of CFL lamps allows for flexibility in arranging your indoor grow space. You can place these lamps closer to your plants without fear of heat damage, ensuring that all areas of your plants receive adequate light.


One Year Guarantee

Omega Lighting offers a minimum one-year guarantee on all their CFL lamps, providing peace of mind and certainty for growers.


Quality CFL Grow Lamps

Omega Lighting is a trusted name in grow lamps, providing plants with the ideal spectrum of light needed to maximise yield. Their lamps have demonstrated superior performance when compared to competitors, delivering vigorous growth and unparalleled yields.


Energy Efficiency

All Omega Lighting CFL Grow lamps are energy-efficient, making them an ideal choice for growers seeking to reduce electricity costs while still achieving high yields. They offer low energy options that not only save costs but also contribute to sustainable, environmentally-friendly growing practices.


Advanced Lamp Technology

The advanced Grow Lamp technology in Omega Lighting CFLs incorporates two specially-designed ceramic tubes. These tubes optimise light output, producing more usable light energy and providing consistent lumen output for longer-lasting performance.

The design of the tubes also allows for a reduction in the heat produced by the lamp without impacting its lifespan. This leads to a lower grow temperature, which is beneficial for plant growth and can contribute to increased yields.


Precision Engineering

Omega Lighting’s lamps are precision-engineered to provide superior optical performance. Their beam patterns are smoother, reducing striations and hot spots for more even, effective illumination.

The Grow Lamps are energy-efficient and tuned to deliver higher Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) output. This means more of the light produced by the lamp is in the spectrum that plants can use for photosynthesis, leading to more vigorous growth.

For growers who want to maximise the reflection of their CFL lamps, Omega also offers the Omega CFL Reflector. This reflector is designed to enhance the efficiency of CFL lamps and ensure that as much light as possible is directed onto the plants.

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