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Omega CFL Grow Lamp Dual Spectrum

Omega CFL Grow Lamp Dual Spectrum

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Omega CFL Grow Lamp Dual Spectrum

Omega Lightings Compact Fluorescent Grow Lamps are a great option for growers who are environmentally conscious and looking to reduce their energy consumption without compromising yields.   


  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Long Lifespan
  • Latest Technology
  • High UV For Enhanced Flavour Production
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Super Energy Efficient
  • Low Heat Output
  • Perfect For Stealth Or Secret Grows


Omega Grow Lighting's 125W CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp indeed combines both the blue and red spectrums, making it a perfect choice for supporting a plant's entire growth cycle.


Quality & Efficiency

Omega's Dual Spectrum CFL Grow Lamps are precision engineered, providing superior optical performance. Their beam patterns are smoother, with striations and hotspots significantly reduced, which ensures the plants receive uniform illumination. They offer a great alternative to higher power-consuming HID lamps, perfect for smaller grows or as supplemental lighting, without drastically increasing temperatures or energy consumption. Perfect for all hydroponic, soil or indoor gardeners.


Advanced Technology

These lamps utilise Omega Grow Lighting’s advanced super-lumen technology to produce additional wattage without affecting the lifespan of the lamp. The output is tuned and optimised to create a higher PAR output, which contributes to more effective photosynthesis.


Ultra Versatile

The dual-spectrum lamps emit a combination of blue and white light, ideal for the vegetative stage of a plant's growth, preventing plants from excessive stretching. They can be used effectively for developing young plants, but also as supplemental lighting during the main stages of a plant's life cycle.


Energy Saving

Omega Lighting's CFL lamps are energy efficient, offering a low-energy solution to customers who want to cut electricity costs while still achieving high yields. They exemplify the ideal balance between performance and power consumption, making them a favourite choice among eco-conscious growers.


Super Reliability

Omega Lighting stands out for its quality and reliability. All of their CFL lamps come with a guarantee, offering peace of mind to growers that they are investing in a high-quality, durable product.


With the additional benefit of compatibility with the Omega CFL Lamp Hanger, even growers with limited space can benefit from these powerful and efficient lamps.


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