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Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light

Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light

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The Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light

For indoor gardeners looking to maximise their yield without emptying their wallets, the Omega Black LED Grow Light is a true game-changer. This high-performance LED lighting solution offers an incredible blend of affordability and performance, boasting a remarkable efficiency level of 2.7 µmol per watt and a PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) of 1950 µmol/s. It's a stellar choice that doesn't compromise on quality while being significantly more budget-friendly than many competitors.


  • Massive 720w Super Lumen Output
  • UK Company with 3 Year Warranty
  • Super Lightweight
  • Complete with Omega Black 600w Ballast
  • Dimmable & Switchable
  • Low Heat Output
  • Massively Reduced Electricity Costs
  • Balanced Full Spectrum
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay
  • Daily Electricity Costs of £2.16


Introducing the Omega Black 720W LED Grow Light, a groundbreaking innovation that sets new standards in indoor plant cultivation. Engineered to provide unparalleled performance and efficiency, this state-of-the-art horticulture LED Grow light is a game-changer for growers of all levels.


Affordability without Compromise

One of the standout features of the Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light is its affordability. It comes at a price point that is often half that of comparable grow lights on the market. This cost-effective solution makes it accessible to a wide range of indoor gardeners, from beginners looking to start a new hobby, to experienced growers looking to maximise their return on investment.


Impressive Efficiency & Huge Output 

Despite its affordability, the Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light doesn't skimp on performance. It boasts an impressive efficiency level of 2.7 µmol per watt, which means it efficiently converts electrical energy into usable light for your plants. With a PPF of 1950 µmol/s, it delivers a powerful and intense LED output that's essential for promoting healthy plant growth


Innovative Cost Saving Technology

To keep costs down and offer an exceptional value, the Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light uses a digital HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) ballast instead of a traditional LED driver. This clever choice of technology allows you to enjoy significant savings without sacrificing performance. If you already own a 600w digital ballast, you have the option to choose the standalone fixture without a ballast, saving you even more money.


Ultra Efficient Full Spectrum Output

The Omega Black LED Grow Light provides a full spectrum of light that is well-suited for all stages of plant growth. It includes ample red light, which is excellent for flowering, and sufficient blue light to prevent stretching during the vegetative phase. This balanced spectrum ensures your plants receive the right wavelengths of light they need for robust and productive growth.

Low Heat Output

One common concern with grow lights is heat generation, which can make it challenging to maintain an optimal environment for plant growth. The Omega Black excels in this area, emitting much less heat than its competitors. This feature not only reduces the need for additional cooling but also allows you to maintain a more stable and controlled growing environment.


Bar Design For Even Coverage 

The Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light features a bar LED design that delivers an even light footprint. This uniform coverage is crucial for creating a flat and productive canopy in your indoor garden. Whether you're growing a few plants or managing a larger operation, this design ensures that every plant receives consistent light.


Incredible Efficiency

Witness groundbreaking results with an outstanding 2.7 Umol/j efficacy rating. The Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light delivers more usable light to your plants, translating into faster growth rates, robust foliage, and abundant yields.


Maximum Photosynthetic Photon Flux

Experience exceptional productivity with a staggering 1950 Umol/s PPF output. The Omega Black 720w LED Grow Light floods your plants with the perfect amount of light, igniting the photosynthetic process and stimulating healthy development from seedling to harvest.

Soft Start Technology

Soft start technology ensures Omega’s Digital Ballast is the safest, most reliable, and energy-efficient digital ballast when used alongside Omega Black Light Kits. When multiple units are connected to the mains circuit, the integrated Ignition Control software will completely balance the electrical draw by igniting one lamp at a time to prevent electrical surges and spikes that can overload the mains circuit and trip circuit breaking systems.

User Friendly Controls

Easily adjust the light intensity and spectrum according to your plants’ requirements using the user-friendly control dial. Whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or a beginner, The Omega Black LED Grow Light offers a seamless growing experience for all.


Unleash Your Garden's Full Potential

The Omega Black 720W Horticulture LED Light empowers you to unlock the full potential of your indoor plants. With unparalleled light intensity, energy efficiency, and a tailored light spectrum, it's the ultimate choice for achieving exceptional yields and maintaining healthy, vibrant plants. Whether you're a hobbyist or a commercial grower, embrace the future of indoor horticulture with The Omega Black!


Omega Black Technical Specifications

  • Power: 720W
  • HPS Equivalence: 1000W
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Lifetime Hours: 50,000 (8.5 years @16hrs per day)
  • Size: 112cm x 112cm x 5.0cm
  • Veg Footprint: 2.0m x 2.0m
  • Flower Footprint: 1.5m x 1.5m
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum
  • Dimmable: Yes (ballast control)
  • Daily Electricity Cost: £2.16

Approximate costs of use based on 600w power for a 12 / 12 flowering cycle. 

*Calculated using the UK: Energy Price Guarantee (October 2022) electricity rate of 34.00 pence per kWh.
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