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Omega Black 600W Digital Dimmable Grow Light Ballast

Omega Black 600W Digital Dimmable Grow Light Ballast

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Omega Black 600W Digital Dimmable Grow Light Ballast

The Omega Black 600W Digital Dimmable Digital Ballast is the professional's choice for maximising crop growth.


  • HPS & Metal Halide Compatible
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Unbeatable Output Per Watt
  • 4 Dimmable Settings
  • Silent Internal Fans
  • Maximise Crop Growth
  • Advanced Super-Lumen Technology
  • 2 Year Guarantee

Omega's 600W Digital Dimmable Grow Light Ballast incorporates the latest advancements in lighting technology, tailored to maximize your yields and improve energy efficiency.


State of the Art Ballast

This ballast uses cutting-edge technology to power HPS Grow Lamps and Dual Spectrum Grow Lamps. It offers the ability to control power output, which helps protect the lifespan of your lamps and reduce your overall growing costs.


Four Dimmable Options

You have the flexibility to select the power output that best suits your plants' growth stage. Choose from 250W, 400W, 600W, and a super-lumen setting of 660W.


Super-Lumen Setting

This unique feature boosts the output to 660W, which can be especially useful during the flowering stage of your plants' growth cycle.


High PAR Output

The ballast ensures the highest possible PAR output, indicating the amount of usable light energy reaching your plants.


Uniform Beam Patterns

The Omega Digital Dimmable Ballast is designed to provide uniform light distribution, reducing the risk of hot spots or striations that could harm your plants.


Soft Start Technology

The built-in Soft Start Technology provides a safe, reliable, and energy-efficient operation, minimizing the risk of electrical surges and circuit overloads, particularly when multiple units are in use.


Double Fuse System

The double fuse system and built-in spare fuse provide an added layer of safety.


Certified and Guaranteed

All Omega 600W Ballasts are CE certified and come with a guarantee.


Wall Mountable

For convenience and space-saving, these ballasts can be mounted on the wall.

All these features make the 600W Omega Ballast an excellent choice for growers seeking to maximize yields and optimize energy use in their hydroponic, soil and indoor gardens.



Omega Black 600W Digital Dimmable Grow Light Ballast

Technology: Digital
Rated Power: 600W
Lamp Type: 600W HPS/MH Lamp
Rated Input Voltage: 220-240V AC
Voltage Input Range: 190Vac ~ 265Vac
Input Frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Input Running Current: Max 3.0A
Ignition Voltage: 3.5~5KV
Required Lamp Voltage: 100~120V
Power Factor: >0.99
Efficiency: >95%
THD: <10%
Dimming: 250W, 400W, 600W, 660W
Current Crest Factor: <1.7
Output Frequency: >50KHz
Protection: Full Circuit Protection
Striking Distance: 15m
Operating Temperature Range: -20°C ~+50°C
TA: 30°C
TC: 70°C
Case: Aluminium Alloy 
Length of Power Lead: 2m

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