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Omega 315W Lamp Adapter Px-E40

Omega 315W Lamp Adapter Px-E40

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Omega 315W Lamp Adapter Px-E40

The Omega 315W Lamp Adapter is an ideal solution for growers looking to benefit from the efficiency and spectrum of Ceramic Discharge Metal-Halide (CDM) lamps without having to replace their entire lighting system.


  • Easy To Use
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • E40 to CDM Grow Lamps
  • For UK Plugs
  • Versatile & Hard Wearing
  • Works With 95% Of Reflectors


A Straightforward Solution

The Omega 315W Lamp Adapter provides a straightforward solution to use energy-efficient CDM lamps in a grow setup that's compatible with E40 lamp holders, therefore avoiding the necessity for expensive changes to your lighting system.


Adaptable To Most Reflectors

Adaptable to most reflectors, this adapter enables growers to benefit from the full spectrum of light that CDM lamps produce, often leading to improved plant growth and vitality, whilst also promoting energy conservation and cost savings.

With the Omega 315W CDM Lamp Adapter, you can simply change your lamp type without having to change your whole lighting system. Explore our range of Grow Lamps and Lighting Accessories to find more tools and equipment that can enhance your grow setup.

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