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Omega 1000W DE 400V Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp

Omega 1000W DE 400V Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp

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Omega 1000W DE 400V Dual Spectrum Lamp

Omega's 1000W Double Ended Dual Spectrum lamp represents the latest in horticultural lighting technology, offering several advantages over traditional single-ended HPS lamps.


  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Increased PAR Output
  • Ideal For Use During Growth & Flowering.
  • Air Purification Chamber Filters 
  • Latest Grow technology
  • For Grow & Bloom
  • CE Mark & One Year’s Guarantee.
  • Tweaked Output Range
  • Balanced Red & Blue Spectrum


Omega's 1000W DE 400W Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp is a testament to Omega's continued dedication to providing growers with the most advanced and high-performing horticultural lighting solutions. This double-ended high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamp presents a multitude of advantages for both novice and experienced growers.


Enhanced Light Spectrum

This double-ended HPS lamp emits a dual spectrum of light that includes both red and blue wavelengths, which are crucial for plant photosynthesis. The blue/white light in the spectrum is particularly beneficial during the vegetative stage of plant growth, as it encourages compact and leafy growth and helps to prevent the plant from stretching.


Greater UV and IR Output

The lamp emits a higher level of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light compared to traditional single-ended grow lamps. This can stimulate plant growth and enhance flowering and fruit production.


Increased Light Intensity and PAR

Double-ended HPS grow lamps are more stable and deliver a 10% increase in light intensity and photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) compared to single-ended HPS lamps. This translates into a more efficient grow light source for your plants, promoting stronger and healthier growth.


Long-Lasting Performance

Omega's double-ended HPS grow lamps maintain over 90% of their original intensity even after 10,000 hours of operation, offering growers a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution for their hydroponic, soil or indoor garden.


Ultimate Compatibility

This lamp requires a 1000W ballast, allowing growers to easily adjust and control the intensity of their grow lighting system according to their plants' specific needs.

Remember, the increased UV, IR, and heat output of double-ended lamps requires careful management of the grow room's environment to prevent any potential damage to your plants. Proper ventilation and temperature control are key to achieving the best results with Omega's 1000W DE 400W Dual Spectrum Grow Lamp.


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