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Oil Filled Radiator For Grow Rooms

Oil Filled Radiator For Grow Rooms

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Grow Gadgets Oil Filled Radiator

The Grow Gadgets Oil Filled Radiator is an electrically powered heater that utilizes oil to provide heat. It is designed to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your grow room or indoor space.


  • Low Cost & Effective Solution
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Simple To Use
  • Multiple Size Options
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Accurate & Automatic Temperature Control
  • Total Grow Room Control
  • Upgrade Your Grow Game


Provide Optimum Conditions

The radiator generates warmth to create a cozy environment, allowing you to control the temperature to your liking.


Electrically Powered

It operates using electricity, making it convenient and easy to use with a standard power outlet.


Range Of Features

The radiator may include additional features such as adjustable heat settings and thermostat control, providing you with flexibility in managing the temperature.


Variable Heat Settings

With different heat settings, you can adjust the radiator's output to match your specific heating requirements and preferences.


Thermostat Control

The presence of a thermostat enables you to set a desired temperature and allows the radiator to automatically regulate its heat output to maintain the set temperature.


Maintains Grow Room Humidity

Oil filled radiators won't disturb your humidity like convection heaters can. The Grow Gadgets Oil Filled Radiator offers a reliable heating solution for your grow room or indoor space, providing warmth and comfort while giving you control over the temperature settings.

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