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OCD Odour Neutraliser Gel

OCD Odour Neutraliser Gel

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OCD Odour Neutraliser Gel

OCD Gel is a powerful and long-lasting solution for eliminating unwanted odors in your home or grow space. It utilizes OCD's DEO-MAX technology, which consists of complex organic molecules that break down bad smells at their source. The gel is available in different scents, each infused with essential oils and possessing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties for a clean and fresh environment.


DEO-MAX Technology

The gel incorporates OCD's DEO-MAX technology, which goes beyond simply masking odors. It targets and attacks odor molecules, effectively destroying bad smells on contact. This ensures a long-lasting solution to odour control.


Hands-Free Approach

The gel is designed for a hands-free approach to odor elimination. Simply transfer a spoonful of gel into a dish and place it in the affected area. The gel will slowly evaporate over time, continuously eliminating odors. Once the dish is empty, replace it with a fresh spoonful of gel.


Variety of Sizes

OCD Gel is available in pots ranging from 1 to 22 liters, catering to growers of any scale. This provides versatility and cost-effectiveness for different spaces and usage requirements.


Made from Essential Oils

The OCD range is free from artificial and chemical smells. The gel is made with essential oils, ensuring a natural and pleasant fragrance. You can choose from scents like Original, Orange, Lemon, Bubblegum, and Fresh Linen to suit your preferences.


Wide Application

OCD Gel can be used in various settings, including grow tents, grow rooms, greenhouses, offices, sheds, and bathrooms. It is particularly useful for areas that require constant odor elimination over time. The gel's long-lasting formula provides continuous freshness without the need for regular maintenance.

By choosing OCD Gel, you can effectively eliminate unwanted odors and maintain a clean and fresh environment. Its DEO-MAX technology, use of essential oils, and hands-free application make it a reliable and convenient solution. Whether you need odor control in your grow space or other areas of your home, OCD Gel is a great choice for long-lasting freshness.

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