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Monsterbuds Urban Grow Tent - 80cm x 80cm x 160cm

Monsterbuds Urban Grow Tent - 80cm x 80cm x 160cm

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Monsterbuds Urban Grow Tent - 80cm x 80cm x 160cm

Monster Buds Urban Grow Tents create the perfect environment for stealth and low key grows.


  • No Tools Required.
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery 
  • Super Easy Assembly.
  • Especially Made for Compact LED Grow Lights
  • 30% Increased Reflectivity.
  • Trusted Brand
  • Perfect for Hydroponic Or Soil Grown Plants
  • 100% PVC Free.
  • Outstanding Value For Money
  • Ensures Complete Light Coverage.
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay
  • Ultra Slim Design for Stealth Growing


Super Stealthy. Low Profile

The Monster Buds Urban Grow Tent is the perfect choice for growers who want a sleek and compact grow tent that can fit into small spaces like cupboards, wardrobes, or lofts and attics. Its ultra-slim design makes it an excellent match for compact LED grow lights such as the Karma Horticulture K1000 or the Spider Farmer SF1000.

Setting up the Monster Buds Urban Grow Tent is a breeze, thanks to its simple assembly process and easy-to-follow instructions. You can quickly and trouble-free set up the tent, allowing you to start growing your plants without any hassle.


Increased Light Reflectivity

The tent offers a 30% increased reflectivity specifically designed for compact LED lights. This increased reflectivity results in significantly bigger yields and happier plants. It is made from quality materials and is 100% PVC-free. The tent features 95% ultra-reflective dimpled 600D Silver-Mylar fabric, which eliminates hot spots and ensures even light coverage from top to bottom of the tent. This promotes uniform plant growth and prevents any areas from being under- or overexposed to light.

To maximise light retention and prevent light leaks, the Monster Buds Urban Grow Tent utilises the "Old School Straight Door" method. This design ensures that no light escapes through unprotected zips and prevents any external light from sneaking in and disturbing your hydroponic or soil grown plants during their dark periods.


Promotes Plant Health

The Monster Buds LED Grow Tents also incorporate cleverly mounted intakes in prime locations to ensure even air circulation and maximise the uptake of precious CO2. This promotes healthy plant growth and creates an optimal growing environment inside the grow tent.

These high-quality LED Grow Tents feature Monsterbuds' patented X-RIB technology and exclusive reinforced robust corner pieces. This design minimises vibration from fans, improving overall strength and durability. With this feature, you can have peace of mind knowing that your plants are in a stable environment and not affected by excessive vibrations.

In summary, the Monster Buds Urban Grow Tent offers a sleek and compact size, increased reflectivity for bigger yields, easy assembly, maximum light retention, efficient air circulation, and durable construction. It is the ultimate choice for growers who prefer a low-key and stealthy setup while ensuring optimal conditions for their plants' growth and success. Suitable for all hydroponic & soil grown plants. 

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