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Mars Hydro FC8000 LED Grow Light (Smart Edition)

Mars Hydro FC8000 LED Grow Light (Smart Edition)

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Mars Hydro FC8000 LED Grow Light (Smart Edition)

The Mars Hydro FC8000 Smart LED Grow Light indeed brings a whole new level of efficiency, control, and performance to the world of indoor cultivation.

  • Samsung LM301b & Osram LED Chips
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Fully Dimmable LED Grow Lights
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Massively Reduced Electricity Costs
  • Super Stealthy
  • Smart Control Via App
  • Outperforms 1400w HPS
  • Passive Cooling
  • Zero Noise
  • 800w Power Output
  • 50000 Hours Life
  • Pay As You Grow with Clearpay
  • Daily Electricity Cost £2.45


Smart Control via App

In a massive leap forward in grow room technology, The Mars Hydro FC8000 offers cultivators the ability to control their lighting setup right from their mobile device. With the ability to adjust light intensity and create custom schedules, this feature brings unparalleled convenience and control to managing an indoor garden.

Sunrise & Sunset Simulation

This was the feature that we were most excited about. The Sunrise & Sunset function allows for a more natural light cycle that mimics the conditions of outdoor growth, potentially improving plant health and yield. If it brings us closer to natural conditions, we love it!

Energy Efficiency & Low Costs

The Mars Hydro FC8000 has been developed with power efficiency at its core. The incredible Mars Hydro FC8000 can produce a massive output of light while keeping electricity costs low. Even with its gargantuan power, the Mars Hydro FC8000 has average daily electricity cost of around £2.45 for a 12/12 day. This means that growers can complete an 8 week flowering cycle with an electricity cost of just £140. 

Quality Components & Build

Featuring top-tier components and high build quality, this is no budget light. This thing is well made and it is built to last. With its massive array of premium Samsung LM301b and Osram 660nm diodes, cultivators can be assured of the  longevity and efficiency of the Mars Hydro FC8000.

Full Spectrum Lighting

Full spectrum light is crucial for plant growth, and the Mars Hydro FC8000 provides an optimal balance of blue, red, and white light making it suitable all throughout the grow cycle. The added red output from the Osram 660nm gives the light a little extra something to boost botanical development and enhance flavonoids in late flowering.

Heat Dissipation & Low Noise

The FC series from Mars Hydro features an all new heat management system.. The light bars are carefully designed to extract heat upwards and away from your plant canopy. The use of passive cooling technology reduces the risk of overheating, eliminates noise from cooling fans, and cuts down on cooling costs too. Amazing. 

Daisy Chain Ready

As you'd expect from Mars Hydro, the FC8000 is daisy chain ready. Everything you need is in the box and it all clicks together in seconds. Connect multiple lights together and use the first in line as a master control. Easy as 1.2.3. 

Huge Coverage & Yield

With an impressive yield of around 3g per watt, and an ultra wide coverage area, the Mars Hydro FC8000 makes the most out of every inch of your grow space. This isn't a hobby or beginners light. This has some real power and it is definitely one for advanced or professional growers. Even with a "low ball" estimate of 1.5g per watt, at 800w, that is 1200g of premium quality fruits every single grow cycle. This light really is capable of big things. 

Programmable Light Cycles and Remote Control

The ability to set specific light cycles for your plants and control your setup remotely is a complete game changer for growers. And this is only the beginning! Expect more Smart Products in the Mars Hydro family soon!

IP65 Waterproof Rating

With an IP65 rating, the Mars Hydro FC8000 can handle high humidity environments, adding to its versatility.
The Mars Hydro FC8000 Smart LED Grow Light is a top-tier choice for any indoor cultivator, from hobbyists to commercial growers. Its unique features and capabilities provide efficiency, control, and improved plant health, making the Mars Hydro FC8000 a solid investment for the future of your indoor garden.

Mars Hydro FC8000 LED Grow Light (Smart Edition) 



Input Voltage



13 kg

HPS Equivalent 1400w

Flower Footprint

1.5m x 1.5m

Veg Footprint 2.0m x 2.0m


Samsung LM301 & Osram 660nm Reds 


L115cm x W115cm x H8cm

Diode Count 2968


PPFD 2309umols/m2s


2.9 umols/J

Daily Electricity Cost £2.45

    Package includes:

    • Mars Hydro FC8000 Smart Edition LED Grow light
    • Power Cord
    • Wire Hangers
    • Ratchet Hangers


    Approximate costs of use based on 75% power for a 12 / 12 flowering cycle. 

    *Calculated using the UK: Energy Price Guarantee (October 2022) electricity rate of 34.00 pence per kWh.

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