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Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light

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Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light

New from the experts at Mars Hydro, the FC-E8000 is an incredibly powerful LED Grow Light for cultivators who demand giant lighting output, but without the giant price tag. 

  • US Made Bridgelux LED Diodes
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Fully Dimmable
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • Daisy Chain Ready
  • Super Stealthy
  • Massively Reduced Electricity Costs
  • Passive Cooling
  • 800w Power Output
  • Zero Noise
  • 50000 Hours Life
  • Daily Electricity Cost £2.49
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay 


Small Price. Massive Output

Introducing the Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light, a revolutionary lighting solution that offers unbeatable light distribution and exceptional performance. With premium US-based BridgeLux LED diodes and a patented diode layout, the Mars Hydro FC-E8000 ensures even light distribution without hotspots or light burn.

Experience a market-leading efficiency of over 2.8 µmol/j, delivering a full spectrum output to every corner of your grow space with no wastage. The Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light features a special combination of light spectra, including a rich and deep IR array, designed to enhance botanical production and deliver potent flavours and aromas.


Massive Power. Low Electricity Costs

Don't be fooled by the low price, the Mars Hydro FC-E8000 is a premium LED grow light that outperforms outdated HPS systems. It consumes just 800W while easily surpassing the performance of 1400W HPS lights in side-by-side tests. Say goodbye to high electricity bills, frequent bulb replacements, and wasted energy.

The clever LED Grow Light engineers over at Mars Hydro have developed the FC-E8000 to consume just 800w from the wall - yet has been shown to easily outperform 1400w of old style HPS light in side by side tests. With a daily electricity cost of around £2.49 per day, this means that an 8 week grow cycle costs around £140 in electricity costs meaning that the Mars Hydro FC-E8000 is an LED Grow Light that pays for itself very quickly indeed.   


Adjustable Light Footprint

Enjoy the versatility of the removable light bar design and adjustable light layout of the Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light. Each light bar can be individually moved and adjusted to meet the desired light density over the canopy, making it perfect for growers cultivating different strains simultaneously. This level of adjustability and customization sets the Mars Hydro FC-E8000 apart from other LED grow lights.

Take advantage of the fully dimmable feature of the Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light, allowing growers to adjust the light output from 10% to 100% with ease. The included dimmer and control panel offer precise control over light intensity and electricity costs. Additionally, the daisy chain functionality enables seamless control of up to 30 lights using one master light, simplifying the setup and management of large-scale grow rooms.


Ultra Performance. Cool Running

Experience efficient cooling with the Mars Hydro FC-E8000's passive cooling technology, resulting in significantly reduced heat output compared to other LED grow lights. This not only prevents light burn and reduces CO2 usage but also lowers cooling costs by up to 50%, resulting in lower electricity expenses and increased equipment longevity.

The Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light is built with high-quality LED diodes and a reliable driver, ensuring its durability and performance. With over 4000 evenly spread BridgeLux diode chips, this LED grow light delivers optimal light distribution.


A Game Changing LED Grow Light 

Weighing less than its competitors, the Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light boasts a sleek and slim design, making it suitable for various grow spaces. Its robust construction ensures a long lifespan of over 50,000 hours without any loss in performance.


The Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light is packaged discreetly and includes a high-quality hanging kit, eliminating messy ballasts and trailing cables. With a quick and easy setup process, this LED grow light is ready to use in minutes, designed to fulfill its purpose and last for the long haul.

The Mars Hydro FC-E8000 is truly an incredible LED grow light for incredible plants. Bravo to Mars Hydro for delivering a game-changing lighting solution at an unbeatable price. A professional LED Grow Light for professional growers. Suitable for all hydroponic and soil indoor gardeners. 

Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light Technical Specification



Input Voltage



12 kg

HPS Equivalent 1500w

Flower Footprint

1.55m x 1.55m 

Veg Footprint 2.0m x 2.0m


Bridgelux & IR

Diode Count 3928


116cm x 115cm x 8cm


600-660nm, 3000k, 5000k, 


2.8 umols/J

Daily Electricity Cost £2.49

    Product includes:

    • Mars Hydro FC-E8000 LED Grow Light
    • Power Cord
    • RJ45 Daisy Chain Cable
    • Wire Hangers
    • Ratchet Hangers

    Approximate costs of use based on 75% power for a 12 / 12 flowering cycle. 

    *Calculated using the UK: Energy Price Guarantee (October 2022) electricity rate of 34.00 pence per kWh.

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