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Mammoth Inline Extraction Fan Kits

Mammoth Inline Extraction Fan Kits

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Mammoth Inline Extraction Fan Kits

Maintaining proper airflow and controlling temperature is crucial for indoor gardening success. The inline fan plays a significant role in creating a healthy and well-regulated environment for your plants.


  • Complete Extraction Kit
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Remove Stale Air
  • Banish Unwanted Smells
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Moves Large Amounts Of Air
  • Clean, Odour Free Air & Extraction
  • Low Electricity Use
  • Suitable For All Sizes Of Grows
  • Fully Wired. Plug & Play
  • Phenomenal Value For Money
  • Stabilises Grow Room Temperature


Excellent Heat Dissipation

Grow lights generate heat, and excessive heat can damage plants. The inline fan helps remove hot air from the grow space, preventing the temperature from rising to harmful levels. It promotes heat dissipation and prevents the plants from getting burned.


Premium Air Circulation

Stagnant air can create a stagnant microclimate around the plants, hindering their growth and increasing the risk of pests and diseases. The inline fan facilitates air movement and ensures proper circulation, which helps in maintaining consistent temperature and humidity levels throughout the grow space.


Improved Plant Health

Healthy roots are essential for overall plant development. Excessive heat and lack of airflow can lead to root stress and hinder their growth. By removing hot and stagnant air, the inline fan helps create an optimal environment for root systems and flower growth, ensuring they receive sufficient oxygen and reducing the risk of root-related problems.


Stress Reduction

Fluctuations in temperature & humidity can cause stress to plants, affecting their growth & productivity. The inline fan helps in maintaining a stable temperature, minimizing temperature fluctuations and providing a more favorable environment for plant growth. This reduces stress on the plants and allows them to thrive.


When selecting an inline fan, consider the size of your grow space and the ventilation requirements. Proper airflow management, in combination with other environmental control measures like temperature and humidity monitoring, will contribute to healthy and vigorous plant growth.


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