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Mammoth Box Fan Extraction Kits

Mammoth Box Fan Extraction Kits

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Mammoth Box Fan Extraction Kits

The Mammoth Extraction Fan Kit is a comprehensive kit that includes high-quality and customer-favorite products for a successful grow room setup. Silent, odour free & effective ventilation for all hydroponic, soil and indoor growers.


  • Total Noise Absorption
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Remove Stale & Smells
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Clean, Odour Free Air & Extraction
  • Suitable For All Sizes Of Grows
  • All In 1 Kit. Plug & Play
  • Stabilises Grow Room Temperature


Premium Components

The kit includes the Vortex Box Fan, Mammoth Carbon Filter, Combi Ducting, and Clamps. These components are carefully selected for their quality, ease of use, and effectiveness in maintaining the optimum environment for your plants.


Regulating Temperatures

The fan and carbon filter not only remove stale air and odours but also help in regulating the temperature inside the grow space. Fluctuations in temperature can stress plants or lead to mildew development. With a clean and reliable air supply, you can ensure consistent and ideal conditions for your plants.


Silent Operation

The Vortex Box Fan is designed with a super-quiet motor encased in MDF wooden panels, providing excellent noise reduction. The carbon filter also comes with a sound-insulating sleeve to further minimise noise. When used together, these products effectively absorb noise, creating a quiet and peaceful grow space.

By using the Mammoth Extraction Fan Kit, you can effectively move and purify large volumes of air while maintaining a silent operation. This kit is suitable for growers of all levels and provides a comprehensive solution for a reliable and efficient hydroponics setup.


Installation Instructions:

To set up the Mammoth Fan Kit, follow these steps:

* Cut the aluminium ducting to the desired length and push it into your grow space through a hole in the grow tent.

* Hang the fan using bungee cords or the hanging straps of your grow tent.

* Use the attached mounting bar to fix the fan to the wall or ceiling of your grow tent with cable ties. Ensure the intake is facing towards the front of the tent.

* Attach the aluminium ducting to the other end of the fan using the metal duct clamps included in the kit. Tighten the clamps with a screwdriver.

* Position the other end of the ducting outside of the grow space. If desired, attach the carbon filter to the fan to neutralise odours. 

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