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Lumatek ZEUS 465W Compact Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light

Lumatek ZEUS 465W Compact Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light

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Lumatek ZEUS 465W Compact Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light

Featuring premium quality LUMLED diodes & dimmable Lumatek drivers, the Lumatek Zeus Compact Pro 2.9 is the gold standard in compact LED Grow Lights.


  • High Efficacy 2.9 µmol/J
  • Balanced Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
  • High PPF Output For High Intensity 1353 µmol/s
  • Massively Reduced Electricity Costs
  • High Quality Lumatek LED Grow Light Drivers
  • Fully Dimmable LED Grow Light
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Daily Electricity Costs of £1.42
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


An Exceptional Lighting Solution

The Lumatek Zeus 465W Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light is an exceptional lighting solution for indoor cultivators. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the Zeus 465W Pro, this new version delivers even higher performance and efficiency.

With a PPF of 1353 µmol/s and an efficacy of up to 2.9 µmol/J, the Zeus 465W Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light provides powerful and efficient lighting for your plants. The fixture's efficacy may vary depending on the input voltage used.


Even Light Distribution & Uniform Coverage

Lumatek is a pioneer in the innovative design of modular and magnetic LED light bars, offering practicality and flexibility to growers. With advancements in technology, high-quality LED horticultural lighting has become a credible option, providing significant return on investment for cultivators. Lumatek's full spectrum horticultural LED solutions balance light quality (spectra) with light quantity (intensity and duration), ensuring even light distribution and uniform coverage.

The array of the Lumatek Zeus 465W Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light creates a uniform spread of light, making it suitable for 1.2×1.2m coverage in various cultivation systems, including multi-layer setups, single benches in low rooms, and grow tents.


High Quality Lumatek Drivers And Higher Efficiency LED's

The Zeus 465W Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light is built with high-quality Lumatek drivers and the latest generation of higher efficiency top bin LEDs from Lumileds and Osram. These LEDs generate a full-spectrum light source that is ideal for both vegetative and flowering cycles. The Clear Glue protection cover technology on the LED bars enhances light transmittance, extends the lifetime of the diodes, provides extra corrosion resistance, and offers high waterproofing with an IP65 rating. Basic maintenance involves cleaning the bars with wet cotton.


Fully Dimmable & Controllable

The Zeus 465W Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light can be dimmed without losing efficiency, allowing growers to adjust the light intensity for different cultivars, propagation, and vegetative growth periods. The LED configuration with 5 bars reduces the temperature of the LEDs, resulting in increased output and improved light maintenance.

For convenient control, the Lumatek LED fixture can be externally controlled using the Lumatek digital lighting controller (Digital Panel Plus 2.0). This controller offers features such as light timing, automated dimming (1% increments), temperature safety control, and Sunrise & Sunset Mode. With the ability to control up to 100 fixtures per controller, growers have precise control over their lighting environment.

The Lumatek Zeus 465W Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light is a high-performance and efficient lighting solution designed to meet the needs of serious cultivators.


Ultra Low Electricity Costs

The ultra high efficiency & low powered LED configuration over five 93W LED bars reduces the temperature of the LEDs increasing the output and keeps electricity use down to just a fraction of other LED Grow Lights. In fact, with a daily electricity cost of less than £1.50, this LED Grow Light is a no brainer for all growers of botanical herbs.

A next generation LED grow light, the Lumatek Zeus 465w Pro 2.9 easily outperforms a 660w HPS is side by side tests.  

A perfect light for tent growers who want a stealth grow with a stealth electricity bill.

As with all LEDs from Lumatek this comes with a comprehensive 3 year warranty for ultimate peace of mind. Perfect for all hydroponic & soil based cultivators. Order yours now.  

Lumatek Zeus 465w Compact Pro 2.9 LED Grow Light



HPS Equivalence



11 kg

Lifetime Hours



Lumiled White, Osram

Red & IR 


100cm x 90cm x 5.5cm

Flower Footprint 1.2m x 1.2m
Veg Footprint 1.5m x 1.5m


Full Spectrum


2.9 umols/J

Daily Electricity Cost £1.42



PPF: 1256 µmol/s
INPUT VOLTAGE: 200-240V, 50-60Hz
LIFETIME: 60 000 hrs
DIMMABLE: OFF-25%-50%-75%-100% with 0-10V Light Dimmer (Included)
EXTERNAL CONTROL: With Lumatek Digital Panel

Items Included:
- 5 x Lumatek 93W Full-Spectrum Magnet Light Bars
- 1 x Lumatek 465W Driver with Connecting Cables
- 1 x LED Structure with Connecting Cables
- 1 x 0-10V Light Dimmer + Velcro
- 2 x Metal Cable Hangers
- 1 x Manual


Approximate costs of use based on 75% power for a 12 / 12 flowering cycle. 

*Calculated using the UK: Energy Price Guarantee (October 2022) electricity rate of 34.00 pence per kWh.

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