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Karma Horticulture 480w EVO 3.0 LED Grow Light

Karma Horticulture 480w EVO 3.0 LED Grow Light

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The Karma Horticulture 480w EVO 3.0 LED Grow Light.

Step into cutting-edge LED Grow Light Technology with the state-of-the-art Karma Horticulture EVO 480w. Featuring a switchable 3-spectrum array of top-of-the-range Osram & Samsung EVO diodes, the Karma Horticulture EVO 480w is an LED Grow Light that laughs in the face of convention.


  • Samsung LM301h EVO Diodes
  • UK Company with 3 Year Warranty
  • Improved Yields. Bold Flavours 
  • Fully Dimmable
  • 480w Topway Driver
  • Multi Spectrum 
  • Low Heat Output
  • Left / Right IR / UV Operation
  • Massively Reduced Electricity Costs
  • Balanced Full Spectrum
  • Free Next Day UK Delivery
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay
  • Daily Electricity Costs of £1.25



This isn't a Grow Light for plug-and-play growers. If you want to set a timer, pour some water and hope for the best, this isn't the light for you. The Karma Horticulture 480w EVO 3.0 is one for the experts. And it doesn't take long to find out why.

Straight out of the box, you can see that this LED Grow Light is different. The Karma Horticulture 480w EVO 3.0 is absolutely packed with cool features that you simply don't see on other LED Grow Lights at this price.

As soon as you power it up, you can't help but be impressed. On start-up, growers are greeted with a shockingly impressive array of UV & IR diodes evenly placed over the entirety of the fixture. No skinny lines of cheap UV diodes here, this is full, corner-to-corner UV / IR coverage and premium photon output.

With standout features like this, it is no wonder that the Karma Horticulture name is becoming synonymous with bold flavours, complex aromas and eye-watering resin development.

At the turn of a dial or the flick of a switch, cultivators can select from a UV & IR array, a Full Spectrum array or a Full Spectrum Array with IR + UV. This fantastic feature allows growers to really push their flowers and develop flavours like never before. If you've ever wondered how to get those Cali flowers, this is how.

UV & IR: Dual Output

Looking under the bonnet, we can see that the clever features don't stop there. The Karma Horticulture 480w EVO 3.0 features 2 separate UV + IR switches so growers can have different spectrums on the left and right sides of the light. This is awesome for cultivators who like to grow multiple strains or for you geeks who are into A / B tests and experiments.

The Samsung EVO series diodes emit a broad-spectrum white light that closely mimics natural sunlight like never before. These diodes have a color temperature range offering a perfect balance between warm and cool light. The full-spectrum output ensures that plants receive the necessary light wavelengths for all growth stages, including vegetative and flowering phases.

Full Spectrum 6 Bar Array

With this 6-bar fixture measuring a generous 75cm x 69cm, the Karma Horticulture 480w EVO 3.0 is bigger than most other lights in this price range. The light bars are well spaced ensuring that every single inch of your grow space is illuminated with Samsung EVO goodness. With its 480w dimmable driver powering the Samsung and Osram diodes over the self-cooling light bars, the Karma Horticulture EVO 240w presents power, innovation and value for money that we have not seen before.

Each of the six bars is made up of a tight cluster of diodes forming a corner-to-corner light spread of well over 1.2m squared, so the Karma Horticulture 480w EVO 3.0 is suitable for most grow tents and spaces. The array is spread between 3000k, 5000k, 660nm deep red, 730nm IR and 395nm UV with the spectrum analysis revealing healthy red and blue peaks for rich, complex flowers and flavour production.

After playing with the Karma Horticulture EVO 480w EVO 3.0 for a few days, it's hard to overstate just how impressive this light is. With such an abundance of mid-sized LED Grow Lights on the market, selection is plentiful but innovation is rare. So it's a joy to introduce this LED Grow Light to your garden and discover little hidden features along the way.

Market Leading 3.0 umol/j Output

Packing an incredible 3.0umol/j over its plentiful footprint, the Karma Horticulture outperforms all other LED Grow Lights in its class. This is as efficient as you can get. It's just pure power with very little wastage at all.

As you'd expect, it's fully dimmable, controllable and daisy chain-ready so growers can connect up to 30 lights together, using the first in line as a master control. This is awesome for growers who look to build their growing space over time with minimal fuss and no unnecessary upgrades.

Massive Yields. Outstanding Quality.

Karma Horticulture is a UK company so they understand UK electricity prices. The 480w EVO 3.0 has been designed with efficiency at its core. With an impressive 480w dimmable driver powering the array, the Karma Horticulture EVO 480w 3.0 enables growers to harvest around 2g of flowers for every watt of light used. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that's over 900g every single grow cycle all at an average electricity cost of less than £1.25 per day. This is an investment that pays for itself very quickly. Simply outstanding.

Foldable. Premium Build Quality.

The Karma Horticulture EVO 480w 3.0 comes ready-made from quality aluminium and it's ready to go right out of the box. It runs absolutely silently with no moving parts and it produces very little heat compared to most other LED Grow Lights of this capability. Its passively cooled so all excess heat is vented upwards and away from the grow area leaving your plants bathing in full spectrum light and optimum environmental conditions.

Not only does this make heat management easier, but it also means the grower can save money by running cooling fans and extraction at a lower power. And with less fans, there is less noise. Win. Win. Win.

All these clever little details are subtle and understated, but they combine to make one very efficient, well made and outstandingly powerful LED Grow Light that is bound to raise the bar for other manufacturers of LED Grow Lights.

UK Company. UK Warranty.

One of the things we love most about Karma Horticulture is that they are from the UK so no inflated prices due to shipping and import fees, no dodgy Chinese customer service and growers can grow with confidence that their 3-year warranty is rock solid. UK Quality. UK Customer Service. UK Warranty.

All LED Grow Lights from Karma Horticulture ship in stealthy plain packaging with high-quality hanging kit included. Ready to use out of the box in just a few minutes.

Whether you are an avid gardener or a commercial grower, incorporating these cutting-edge diodes into your indoor gardening setup can revolutionize your plant growth, improve yields, and create a thriving indoor garden that flourishes year-round.

Approximate costs of use based on 75% power for a 12 / 12 flowering cycle. 

*Calculated using the UK: Price Cap (Jan 2024) electricity rate of 29.00 pence per kWh.
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