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Jiffy Giant Clone Propagator

Jiffy Giant Clone Propagator

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Jiffy Giant Clone Propagator

Using a propagator for your clones and cuttings can provide them with the best start possible. An essential piece for any indoor or hydroponic grower.


  • Creates The Perfect Rooting Environment
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Taller Design For Botanical Herbs
  • Semi-Translucent Lids For Adequate Light
  • Plentiful Size
  • Toxin-Free Plastic


Creates The Perfect Rooting Environment

The Jiffy propagator is specifically designed to create an ideal environment for rooting your cuttings and clones. It helps maintain optimal humidity levels, temperature, and airflow, which are essential for successful root development.


High-Quality Materials

The propagator is made from high-quality, toxin-free plastic. This ensures durability and longevity, allowing you to reuse the propagator for multiple propagations.


Taller Design For Botanical Herbs

The custom design of the propagator accommodates taller cuttings taken from botanical plants. The extra height provides sufficient space for the growth of the plant, allowing it to thrive.


Semi-Translucent Lids For Adequate Light

The propagator features semi-translucent lids that allow light to penetrate. Light is crucial for photosynthesis, and the translucent lids ensure that your plants receive adequate light for healthy growth.


Plentiful Size

The dimensions of the Jiffy propagator are 52 x 42 x 20cm. This generous size provides ample space for multiple cuttings and allows for proper airflow within the propagator.


Toxin-Free Plastic

The propagator is made from toxin-free plastic, ensuring the safety of your plants and preventing any harmful substances from affecting their growth.

By using the Jiffy Giant Propagator, you can provide an optimal rooting environment for your cuttings, clones, and young plants. Its high-quality materials, taller design, semi-translucent lids, and toxin-free construction make it a reliable and effective propagator for your hydroponic or soil based gardening needs. Give your plants the best start possible with this top-quality propagator from Jiffy.

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