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Hesi Tnt Complex

Hesi Tnt Complex

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Hesi Tnt Complex

Hesi TNT Complex is a potent growth supplement that is gentle on plants. It contains 100% organic nitrogen compounds, which do not contribute to the electrical conductivity (EC) of the nutrient solution but provide a high percentage of nitrogen. This ensures that young plants receive a minimal amount of salts, creating optimal growing conditions for them. While TNT Complex may have a low EC value, its effectiveness in promoting growth is high.


  • Promote Nutrient Uptake
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • 100% Organic Compounds
  • Economic & Efficient To Use
  • Exceptional Value For Money
  • Strengthen Plants
  • Maintains Accurate Nutrition
  • Vitamins, Amino Acids & Sugars
  • From The Experts At Hesi 
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Promote Nutrient Uptake

The key function of Hesi TNT Complex is to break down dead root matter in both soil and hydroponic systems. Over time, dead root material can accumulate and hinder the absorption of nutrients. By breaking down this material, TNT Complex helps to maintain a healthy root zone and promote nutrient uptake. It is particularly beneficial during the early stages of plant growth to encourage robust root development.


Strengthen Plants

In addition to essential nutrients, Hesi TNT Complex is enriched with vital components such as vitamins, amino acids, and plant active sugars. These additives contribute to successful growth by supporting the development of numerous growing points, strengthening the plants, and promoting healthy green foliage.

By using Hesi TNT Complex as part of your nutrient regimen, you can provide your plants with the necessary elements for vigorous growth and ensure they have a strong foundation for overall plant development.

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