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Hesi Boost

Hesi Boost

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Hesi Boost

Hesi Boost is a powerful flowering stimulator designed to enhance the flowering phase of plants. It is formulated to promote rapid initiation of flowering and development of larger flowers. Hesi Boost is suitable for use in all growing media.


  • Organic Flowering Accelerator
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • Premium Quality Nutrition
  • A Blend Of Fruit Enzymes
  • Greater Flavours
  • Plant Active Elements
  • Better Flavour & Aroma
  • For Soil, Hydroponic or Coco Use
  • Maintains Accurate Growth
  • For Abundant Aromas
  • From The Experts At Hesi 
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


More Compact & Bushy Growth

One of the key benefits of Hesi Boost is its ability to increase leaf density and reduce the spacing between leaves. This results in a more compact and bushy growth habit, allowing for better light penetration and increased energy production.


Increase Sugar Content 

Hesi Boost serves as both a bloom activator and a gentle leaf fertiliser during the flowering phase. It provides essential nutrients and bioactive substances that support flower development, increase the sugar content of fruits, and improve the overall health and condition of the plant.


Leading To Larger & More Dense Flowers

By using Hesi Boost in combination with a comprehensive nutrient regimen, growers can effectively enhance the flowering process, leading to larger, denser flowers and improved overall plant performance.

It is important to follow the recommended usage guidelines provided by Hesi to ensure optimal results and to avoid overfeeding. When used correctly, Hesi Boost can be a valuable tool for maximising yields and achieving high-quality, bountiful harvests.

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