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Growth Technology EC Standard

Growth Technology EC Standard

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Growth Technology EC Standard

The EC Standard solution is used to calibrate EC meters, monitors, and controllers in hydroponic systems. Calibration ensures accurate readings of electrical conductivity (EC), which is a measure of nutrient strength in the solution.


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Provides Optimum Conditions

Regular calibration and accurate EC readings help maintain the proper nutrient strength for plants. By avoiding overfeeding or underfeeding, plants can utilize nutrients effectively without experiencing nutrient burn or deficiencies, leading to healthier plants and optimised yields.


How To Use

Rinse the electrode of the EC meter with distilled water to ensure cleanliness. Pour the EC Standard solution into a clean container and insert the electrode into the solution. Set the dial on the meter to the known standard value (1.413 or 2.76 mS/cm) provided by the solution.


When To Use

The EC Standard solution should be used whenever an EC meter requires calibration. For regular use, it is recommended to check the calibration at least twice a month to maintain accuracy. Extreme temperatures may affect the standard level of the solution, so it's important to store it in a cool, dry place and allow it to reach room temperature before use.


Why Choose Growth Technology EC Standard

Regular calibration of EC meters is crucial for accurate nutrient strength measurements in hydroponic systems. By using the Growth Technology EC Standard, you can ensure precise readings, reduce waste, and prevent long-term damage caused by overfeeding plants.


Product Specifications

The Growth Technology EC Standard is available in a 300ml capacity.

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