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Grow Tools Super Sticky Bug Traps

Grow Tools Super Sticky Bug Traps

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Grow Tools Super Sticky Bug Traps

Grow Tools Super Sticky Bug Traps are the perfect solution to keep pests at bay and ensure your plants thrive. Don't let bugs invade your grow and compromise the quality of your flowers and fruits. These bug traps provide immediate relief and help maintain a healthy growing environment.


  • Double Sided & Super Sticky
  • Instant Easy Results
  • Control Pest Population
  • Reduce Cross Contaminations
  • Absolutely No Disturbance To Plants
  • No Nasty Chemicals Or Pesticides
  • Protect Your Grow Room
  • Next Day UK Delivery
  • From the Experts At Grow Tools
  • Pay As You Grow With Clearpay


Stop Breakouts

Put an end to bug breakouts with these super sticky bug traps. They offer a reliable solution to alleviate the stress caused by pests in your blooms. By using these traps, you can effectively control and manage insect infestations.


Immediate Population Reduction

Target the root of the problem and reduce the population of bug outbreaks. These bug traps help in identifying and eliminating pests, ensuring your grow remains healthy and pest-free.


How to Use Super Sticky Bug Traps

You can use a whole sheet or cut it into sections according to your needs. Hang or suspend them from tent poles, branches, or the top of your pots. These traps are effective in reducing and removing populations of various pests, such as aphids, sciarid flies, thrips, and leaf miners.

For optimal results, use the bug traps throughout the entire life cycle of your grow. Replace each sheet after 6-8 weeks to maintain their effectiveness.

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